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Lisa was excited with her first trip to the amusement park. DFF (06/08/08)
Lisa peered out the rear window to spy at the moon, its fullness bathing the city in a glorious bluish-white radiance. What a perfect night this would be!

“There'll be a lot of people there, right?” she asked, her voice tinged with excitement.

“Yes, there will be,” the woman on the front passenger seat said without turning her head. Veronica Turner has never been flamboyant with her gestures. Although she considered herself refined, most would immediately describe her as rigid. To Lisa, the woman—her guardian--would forever be a frightening figure.

But tonight was different. A week ago, Veronica had decided Lisa was ready for the trip to the amusement park. Lisa had waited a very long time for her trip, and she'd been patient. Her patience would soon be rewarded. A huge smile formed across Lisa's face, as she watched the highway whiz by. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the tell-tale lights in the distance, what she knew to be a Ferris wheel looming above the parade of colors like a giant beacon.

“Am I to choose my own tonight?” she asked her guardian.

“Yes,” replied Veronica.

“How would I know which one to choose?”

“You will know.”

Lisa left it at that. Her stomach grumbled, and she was suddenly aware of her hunger. They drew closer to the amusement park, and she knew it wouldn't be long before they arrived. She could already smell it. Intertwined among caramel corn and corn dogs and cotton candy was the unmistakable aroma of blood. Fresh blood.

She looked up at the full moon again and basked it its brilliance, and licked her lips with anticipation.

Winner of 06/08/08 "Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
Write about a trip to an amusement park
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