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Why are people racist ? Do we not realize that....
I breathe air. I am hungry. I wait for breakfast. It’s my favorite meal. I wonder a lot. I am social. I am adventurous. I get this butterfly feeling when I see my love. I wonder when ill see them next. I love kids. I want some of my own some day. I will raise them well. I want them to be the best. I worry a lot sometimes. Did I lock the door? I get bored. Sometimes I get in agitated moods. I hate it when people chew with their mouths open. I am obsessed with keeping things clean. I get angry when I watch the news. I think a lot. I wonder why humans hurt each other. I don’t want to get hurt. I get scared. I feel bad for people who are in bad situations. I hope things gets better for them. I love to move. Sometimes I cry alone. I feel. I get hurt. I get sad. I get down. I get excited. I get happy. I am Asian. I am Black. I am white. I am Brown. I am Muslim. I am Jewish. I am what I am. I am Human.
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