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by Lupi
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I feel a need to write and so look for an open forum to put the words down.
I took this moment upon myself to hold time as it reels past me. Easy enough to turn aside, yet as undying as the unrelinquished need to breath. To be physical, spiritual and intellectual is a confounded situation to be born into. So easy to ignore, each in their own way, but so much simpler to ignore all but my physical.

How can I console my soul when my body and mind crave solace from the turmoil it renders - blatantly tearing the fleeting life I have to pieces? Simple in its realisation and philosophy, it frustrates my need for excitement and movement through this world.

How can I still my mind, convince it to take time from its ponderings, misgivings and exultant discoveries to sit and focus on just this one thing?

How do I move my body to sit erect and get unmoving - only fingers and eyes and lungs active, as I type the words bottlenecking and confounding into legible expression?

Only a moment passes as I breathe and switch,
an unsteady movement, unsightly twitch.
Time spilling around me as my attempt runs dry,
to leave me quickly in the blink of my eye.

I grab at the fleeting moment in time,
desperately aching to hold it as mine.
Let me express something you'll feel,
to change you, to hold you, a moment to steal.

Selfish emotions lead confessions and trust,
to a place of this type, disguised by word's dust.
A place I am holy, devout and pray saved,
from the torments of struggle held fast in my cave.
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