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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1437622
Woo has a race against time to find his two friends!
It had been three days since Woo had heard from May and Lou, he was starting to worry something might have happened to one or both of them.
He thought that he would leave it until Lunch time tomorrow when he would have a quick fly round to see if he could see or hear anything of his two friends.
The day passed and still no sign of either of the them. Morning came and went, so as promised, Woo got ready and set out to look for his friends.
Woo went quickly but carefully so not to be seen by anyone. Although May and Lou both knew of Woo and his people, Woo must remain secret from others.
On his way through the woods Woo had this awful feeling something terrible had happened to his two friends.
If only Woo could see into the future. He would have known that his friends were about to be locked in a store cupboard ready to be sold the next day. He would have foreseen that May and Lou had spoken to the new guy in the village. John, the strange and loud man in a go - kart. Now to everyone John was just a nice ordinary man but as we will find out, he is not so ordinary or nice.
Anyway back to Woo, he was just reaching the edge of the woods when he heard a voice. It was Mrs. Sage (May’s mum). She was on her mobile asking the police if they had any news on the whereabouts of her little girl. In fact May and Lou had both been missing for several days now. Woo could hear Mrs. Sage stating it had been 3 days now and still no news on the children. She was also asking the police if they had any new information. The police informed Mrs Sage they knew the children were last seen at the old station park on Sunday afternoon. The police had the whistle that May had worn around her neck. The new villager, John had told them. John had seen the children leaving the park heading towards home. They had both waved hello to him. John had been the last person to see them and had been very helpful. He had spoken to the police several times, always giving the same account each time about what he had seen happen. On hearing what was happening Woo fell down in shock. How could such a horrible thing happen in Porridge? It was such a quiet and friendly village. Woo decided to he was going find the children what ever happened and he would get them home safe to their families.
But where would he start? What should he do first? Should he introduce himself to Mrs. Sage? Should he find this John person? Should he speak with the police? So many questions running through Woo’s mind at once. It took several minutes before he knew what his plan of action should be. It was most important that he should stay hidden. If he and his people were found, they would be captured and investigated as they were from a Planet far far away called Wobbly.
Woo decided he would sneak into each of the friend’s houses to check if there were any clues why they would run away. Next he would go to the park and look for further clues there.
So he carried out the first part of his plan. Staying hidden he managed to sneak into both houses unnoticed. Unfortunately, this was a waste of time and effort as no clues were to be found... Woo was 100% certain that May and Lou had not run away.
Woo moved on to the next part to of his plan and made his way to Old Station Park. The park had been blocked of by police. Woo had to be very careful not to be seen. He decided to use his magic and disguise himself changing to a bird. Woo could then have a good look round for clues and not appear suspicious
At first glance Woo could see that it was just a park and nothing else. He went over to the play area to have a closer look. As he got closer he noticed there were two police officers standing guard of the play area. This must mean that the police had found something, a clue here in this area, Woo wondered.
Woo entered the play area with out the officers even noticing. His bird disguise must be working. Woo had a long hard look around the play area but this took time. He could not take many steps with the little legs of a bird. He went around the play area three times but could not find any clues. He was starting to wonder why two police officers would guard the play area for no apparent reason. As Woo went to leave the play area he noticed two foot prints, one large and one small. Next to the footprints was a mark like a wheel would make. Woo took a picture of this he thought it may be a clue. Who could the prints belong to? Was one May or Lou’s? What was the wheel like mark? Why were there no other prints? So many questions so little time to find the two friends. What should Woo do next?
After a moments thought Woo decided that he would wait a bit before he rushed off home to take a better look at the pictures he’d taken. While he was thinking and waiting he took another look around the play area. Woo found one of May’s hair ribbons hanging on the gate. Why had he not seen this before and why had the police not seen this here!? This was an excellent find. As only we know, Woo had magical powers was able to see what happened to May and Lou. Woo was able to visualize this by touching May’s hair ribbon.
Just as Woo was about to touch the ribbon, one of the police officers standing guard of the play area finally noticed the hair ribbon clue. He put a glove on and bagged the ribbon to go back to the police station to be examined. Damn! Woo scowled, I was so close to finding them! There was only one thing left for Woo to do. To find out what happened he would have to sneak in to the police station! Find the ribbon or the magic Whistle he had given to May and Lou and try to touch one of them.
Getting into the police station was going to be tricky; the bird disguise was perfect for the park but for a police station this would not work as well. Everyone would try to chase him out. Woo thought about how to the police station and decided that the best way to get in was if he was invisible. Now his magic would allow this but only for 20minutes. The question now is 20minutes going to be long enough to find what he needed?
Woo said to himself, well 20 minutes is all I have it will just have to long enough. I have to find out what’s happened, I can’t leave my friends scared worried and in trouble! The plan was to make his way to the station as a bird. He would get as close to the station as possible or even inside, before he turned invisible. This would allow him as much time as possible to find out what had happened. Arriving at the station Woo slowly crept up to the doorway, he even managed to sneak through the door! At the desk was a man called Officer Grouch. He was a very grumpy person and Woo thought I am not going near him. At this point he checked no one was looking and then Woo disappeared from sight.
The police station was full of long corridors that all looked the same and Woo was getting very confused! As Woo turned another corner he felt very lucky because the room in front of him was marked ‘Evidence Room’. Just what he had been looking for! And with just 8minutes left before the invisibility wore off Woo ran into the room and started looking for the ribbon and magical whistle. Time was running out fast and Woo was getting very worried that he was going to be caught by someone. With just 4minutes left he found what he’d been searching for. In no time at all he quickly held the whistle in his hand and closed his eyes. But before he could see anything he heard the sound of loud footsteps and voices heading in his direction. So, with the whistle in his pocket and the invisibility worn, off he changed into a bird again. He headed off out of the nearest open window. Woo felt very lucky that he had found what he was looking for and escaped without anyone seeing him! He now decided that the best thing to do would be to head home and look at the clues there. He would see what happened before May or Lou had dropped the magic whistle. Woo couldn’t get home fast enough. No matter how fast he run or flew it just seemed like he wasn’t even moving. He finally reached the forest pond and checking no one was around dived in. On reaching a safe place Woo took out the whistle and held it to his nose and with a big sniff Woo began to see what had happened at the park the day May and Lou went missing!
He could see clearly where his friends had gone that day. They started at Lou’s house making a picnic. Moving on they stopped at Granny Beth’s before going to the shops for some juice to go in there picnic bag. From the shop they crossed the road and went to the park were they played awhile before eating their picnic? They played a little more before they were to go and see Woo. However, this is stage where they said hello and welcomed John to the village. He seemed nice and they talked for a long while. After they had said their goodbyes to John they packed up their bag and started to head for the forest. Before they reached the forest someone or something grabbed them from behind. Woo could not see what grabbed his friends because the whistle must have dropped to the ground ending the vision of the event.
Woo felt that this John knew more than he was telling. Woo decided he would go to his house and look around. If he found any clues he would question John and scare the truth from him. Woo was determined he would find his friends by what ever means necessary! This would have to wait until tomorrow because Woo was worn out and his magic was running low from being out of water so long!
Woo awoke early the next morning and set out to Johns house straight after breakfast. On arriving at the house Woo was surprised that the door was open. He crept in but no one was home. He took a good look round without worrying about anyone disturbing him.
While our Friend Woo was looking around the house John was on his way to Horobin the next Village along to Porridge. The two friends were tied up and shut in the boot, scared they would never see their families again!
As our two friends lay tied together in Johns boot they wondered if John was even his real name. How comes he used a go kart when he can walk fine and why did he listen to an awful song called ‘I love it when you call’.
Woo had just come across one of May’s Pins she wears on her favorite jumper! Deciding that his friends and May and Lou had been here all along, Woo desperately pondered what to do and where were his friends now!!
Woo sadly accepted he wouldn’t see them again slowly trotted out of the empty house and down the garden path tripping on a bag as he cut across the drive?! Woo wondered why he had not seen this on the way in? Ignoring this thought he opened the bag and took a good look in side. He found some spare clothes about John’s size, a passport in the name of Jimmy Snatch which had a photo of John! A book that taught you how to speak Transylvanian and a piece of paper with ‘Ali, 2 o’clock Switch Street, Horobin’ written on it.
Woo was quick to see that this John/Jimmy was going to leave for Transylvania but was meeting someone at 2 o’clock today at a Switch street, somewhere called Horobin? But why? It took exactly 1minute 25 seconds for Woo to work out that John or was it Jimmy was planning on handing his friends to someone else before he left the country. If this was the case Woo had best get help and fast because it was now 32 minutes past 1! Less than half an hour before the swap and less than half an hour before Woo might never see his friends again! Woo thought the quickest way to save his friends from the snatcher was if he put the bag on May’s doorstep. He would write a note to explain what the bag was and where it was found. He would then make his own way to save May and Lou! He hoped the police would arrive just in time to catch the snatcher and his accomplice!
As Woo raced to find his friends in Horobin Village he prayed that they were safe. At the same time John, Jimmy, Mr. Snatch or what ever his name is was looking for a space to park were there were not many people. He did not want anyone to see what he was about to pull out of car boot.
Our two friends were glad to be able to breathe fresh air again after being shut in a boot for 10minutes. They were unaware they was about to be sold and taken to Scotland to join other snatched children used as rat catchers in factories!
Woo arrived just as May and Lou were being handed over. He used his magic and turned into a big dog before going over and attacking one of the men in an attempt to slow the deal down giving the police time to arrive!
May and Lou saw their chance to get away and kicked the other man as hard as they could before running as fast as their legs would go to get away from them. As they reached the end of the road the police siren could be heard. This was good news as Woo was tiring. Just as Woo dropped to the ground worn out and beaten, the police turned the corner and arrested the two men. May and Lou were safe and back with their mums being squeezed and spoiled to death. Woo was happy his friends were well and resting in his pond waiting until they come to see him tomorrow.
May and Lou were very sorry for being so silly speaking to someone they didn’t know. They realised they had scared and upset everyone when they went missing. They promised everyone they would never ever speak to a stranger again! Everyone knew that they would keep this promise!

The End!
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