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Louis has fallen in love. Taylor thinks that the whole thing is wasted time.
Draw the Line


+Louis- A high-school student who loves rock music and plays guitar. He's known Taylor since they were very small, which is pretty much the only reason that they are friends.

+Taylor- A studious high-school student who likes to think of herself as the polar opposite of Louis. She thinks that schoolwork is more important than relationships. She is a bit antisocial, and is sarcastic. She is also a bit smug, and even though she does not take an interest in starting a relationship yet, many boys find her attractive.

+Kate- Louis' fourteen-year-old sister, who believes that Louis and Taylor would make a good couple. She is very trusting in others, which leads to her easily being manipulated. She's the hottest thing in eigth grade, and has a boyfriend.

+Jordan- Kate's boyfriend. He also thinks that Louis and Taylor would make a great couple. Eventually, Kate and Jordan hatch a plan to try and get them together.

+Ruth- One of Taylor's classmates, who Taylor eventually befriends after getting past being antisocial. Ruth is very poetic and is often drawing things in the margins of her notebook.


Scene One
Setting: Taylor's Backyard

(YOUNG TAYLOR and YOUNG LOUIS are lying on their backs centerstage when the curtain opens. The scenery is that of a typical backyard: lush, green grass and an occasional flower. A Red Flyer wagon sits alone DR. A half-eaten birthday cake sits inside of it, hinting at the day's activities for the two of them.)

YOUNG LOUIS: Hey, Taylor?

YOUNG TAYLOR: What is it?

YOUNG LOUIS: Well, uh...

YOUNG TAYLOR: I don't have all day...

YOUNG LOUIS: W-well...I was wondering...do you want this?

(YOUNG LOUIS opens his hand and reveals a small bracelet woven from brown leather strips. It is tied together sloppily, hinting that he made it himself.)

YOUNG TAYLOR: A...bracelet?

YOUNG LOUIS: Uh-huh...a friendship bracelet. You're supposed to wear it and never take it off. I'm wearing mine, see? (He points to his wrist. Sure enough, there is a bracelet identical to the one that he has given YOUNG TAYLOR.)

YOUNG TAYLOR: Well...alright. (She slips on the bracelet and flashes a slight smile to YOUNG LOUIS.)

YOUNG LOUIS: Alright, now you have to promise me that you're going to be my friend forever.

YOUNG TAYLOR: (Becoming more confident)Ok! I...promise!

(YOUNG LOUIS stands up. YOUNG TAYLOR follows suit and they both glance at the wagon. YOUNG LOUIS walks over to the wagon and grabs the handle, beginning to pull it offstage UL.)

YOUNG LOUIS: I guess we had better head home now.

YOUNG TAYLOR: Yes...it's getting late.

YOUNG LOUIS: I'll give the cake to my parents. I'm sure they'll eat up what's left.

YOUNG TAYLOR: Ok. Happy 6th birthday, Louis.

YOUNG LOUIS: Thanks! (As YOUNG TAYLOR heads offstage in the opposite direction) Uh, Taylor?

YOUNG TAYLOR: What is it?

YOUNG LOUIS: Are we going to meet up here tomorrow?

YOUNG TAYLOR: Of course. Best friends?

YOUNG LOUIS: Best friends.

(YOUNG TAYLOR waves goodbye and walks offstage UR, leaving YOUNG LOUIS onstage by himself. He laughs happily to himself and finally walks offstage UL, pulling the wagon behind him.)
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