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This is just a little Q&A session with myself, I made while trying to pull an all-nighter.
Q:          What is your name?
A:          My name is Marie Hanako Green.

Q:          What is your dream job?
A:          My dream job is to be a professor of Quantum physics at MIT, and to write professionally.

Q:          What is your favorite topic for your stories?
A:          Right now, my favorite subjects for my stories are romance and fairy tales.

Q:          Why do you like to write about these things?
A:          I like to write about these things because these are things that almost everybody can understand.

Q:          I hear you are working on a new story, what is it about?
A:          the story I am working on right now is about a teenage girl who has the child of her dead boyfriend, and learns some VERY important lessons from some unexpected sources. The most important lesson she learns is about how God always has a plan, even though he may not tell us His plan.

Q:          What do you plan on writing about next?
A:          After I [hopefully] finish this book, I plan on writing a book about the struggles of a teen in rehab, and how she learns that she can overcome any obstacle she encounters.

Q:          Is there any advice you would like to give aspiring writers?
A:          Yes, there is. ALWAYS keep four books at hand when writing; a dictionary, a thesaurus, a grammar guide, and a book of commonly misspelled words. Also, a book of baby names and their meanings is rarely out of place nearby when working on a piece of fiction.
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