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by Emily
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learn a little about sheridan blackwood
Sheridan Blackwood stared out into the night. The moon was full which always put him on edge, but tonight he felt something different.  He felt something was coming that he could not control. He had no idea if it was good or bad, or both.  His mother’s rose garden always brought peace to him. He remembered her sitting on the bench reading to him, listening the sounds of the night.  He never knew what the day was like. His mother had been changed into a vampire, but he was born as one. His father had also been born as a vampire.  They both had chosen to end their life. He knew he would come to that point, but he was not there just yet. He had not met the women his father talked of. Not a certain women, but just one that he referred to has his mate.  His father said he would know when he met her, because he could feel her, and things about him would change. He had not met her yet, but hoped he would.
“Sherry. Are you ok?” Patti asked walking into his sanctuary.
He had told her many times not to disturb him when he was out in the garden, but she never listened. “I am fine.” He lied looking up at the tall castle walls.
“Then why are you here?” she waved her arms in the area.
“I was just restless, it’s the moon.” He nodded toward the bight white moon.
“Oh.” Patti said.
He looked at her. Her short brown hair pulled back into a somewhat ponytail. He always thought it looked funny, but didn’t have the heart to tell her.  Her baggy jeans and white crumply t-shirt made her look a slob. He hoped when he did meet his mate, she would be more neat then Patti. He didn’t even really still want to be with Patti, but he knew he had no choice. She had left her abusive husband to come to him. He had found her almost dead, and brought her back. Most of the time he could not stand to be around her. Her screechy voice put him on edge, and her boldness just didn’t work for him. He wanted a woman he could protect, and Patti knew how to handle herself. He just didn’t feel he was really needed to her.
“Really I am fine,” he looked into her brown eyes, “I am.”
“Whatever. Well anyways I got the contest started. Tom didn’t like the idea to much, but I finally talked him into it,” she said pulling on his long sleeve.
“Good, I hope it turns out well.”
Patti pulled him into her arms, and kissed him. He felt no passion for her, but kissed her back anyways. “Me too.” She bit his lip playfully.
Feeling all of a sudden suffocating, he backed away from her. “I think I should go work on my book.” He quickly kissed her and left her standing in the garden alone.
He walked through the long castle halls. His feet making a clicking noise against the marble floors. His castle was kept immaculate. He could not stand dust.  He had fired many housekeepers because they couldn’t do the job.  He pushed open his office door and seen that Rebecca was cleaning it. He smiled at the young girl.
“I’m sorry sir!” she said walking quickly toward the door.
“Oh no problem Becca. The room looks wonderful.  Please sit down for a drink?” He said eyeing her.
“Really?” She seemed unsure of herself.
“Please do. I want to know if you like your job.” He said mixing a couple drinks for them.
He watched as she uncomfortably sat on the black leather love seat. “I really like it. Keeps me busy, and it has helped me a lot since moving to this town.”
“Good. You do a great job. How old are you again, Becca?”
“Twenty-five.” She said and lifted her eyebrow. “Why?”
“Oh just curious.” He handed her the drink, and sipped his own.
“Oh.” She looked at the drink, then back at him.
“It’s fine.” He laughed. “Don’t feel so uncomfortable, I just like knowing who is working for me.”
She nodded, and looked toward the door. She reminded him as a scared mouse. “Go ahead.”
She quickly jumped up and almost ran for the door, then remembered she was holding the glass. Then sat it back down and looked at him, then nodded and left the room.
He did not understand why he intimated people so easily. He didn’t look like an ogre; he was in fact very good looking. Well that’s what women had told him. He shrugged his shoulders, and gave up the idea of making friends with his employees, they always ran away.
He sat at his laptop, and opened his novel on it, and stared at the blank page. If they knew he had written nothing in four months, he would never hear the end of it. His mind just has not been into it. He glanced at the pile of letters, and then at the letters he sat aside.  He picked up the small bundle and reread them. He had no idea, but the girl intrigued him. Her name was Holly. She always claimed being his number one fan, but again all the letters from all his fans said the same. But he felt a need to communicate with her. He knew he would never meet her in person. For one thing she thought he was a female. He had replied to every one of her letters, and she always replied back. It had been going on for four years now. He felt like he really knew this girl. He didn’t know her last name, only her first name. Holly. He thought about her often. She lived in California. He had passed through the state a few times, but never visited. Knowing she was there, he had almost gone just to see her. To see his number one fan. But it would never work. He would probably lose her as the dear friend she had become to him, as Ms. Sherry Blackwood. He would not do anything to destroy that.
He stood up and stared out the large window as he did every night, thinking about her. She had become an obsession to him that he feared would never subside.
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