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Winner of Unshakable contest, Pope gives a man a gruesome project.
WC: 1736

My name is Felipe D’rogh. I was placed in charge of project initiated by the Holy Father in The Vatican. The goal was to capture a heathen and then break him down so that we can build him back up. I have many fun ideas how to do this.

Week 1:
         He was brought in today. The guards dragged him in unconscious today and threw him into the designated cell I had picked out. When they removed the black bag from his head, I was afraid they had chosen a woman, for he had such beautiful long golden locks of hair and his face had such fine features. I will not have my inquisitors conscience’s troubled by them thinking they are interrogating a female. This problem will be resolved.

Week 2:
         With a shaved head and broken nose, his manly features have finally been brought out. I do not know what this man has done to be donated to my project, but then again I really don’t care. This going to be fun. I think he will put up quite a fight.
         For his first two weeks in prison, we have kept him by himself in the dark, with just enough ample amounts food and water to survive the day. We can’t have our pet collapsing from dehydration or hunger can we?

Week 3:
         He screams a lot. It gives me a headache. Why can’t this scum just break down already? What is he fighting for? He almost cried when we inserted splinters under his finger nails. Then when we removed his toe nails, he started screaming in some foreign language. Can you believe that? The scum doesn’t even have the decency to let us know how much pain he’s in, or how good of a job we are doing.
I think next week I’m going to allow our up and coming interrogators use him for practice. There is this one new recruit who shows true promise in this field. The delighted look on his face as he breaks someone’s fingers, or how he cries when he over-steps himself, and his prisoner dies, just sends shivers up my spine in anticipation for the day when we promote him. Yes, I think I will gift him with this prisoner.
Week 4:
         I didn’t attend the torturing this week because I had a meeting in The Vatican to report progress on the project. The Holy Father seemed pleased with the methods we are taking, but he reminded me that a broken converted isn’t really worth having. I will have to find new way to go about breaking him down, because breaking his body apparently will have all our efforts wasted.
         I arrive home tomorrow. I am quite excited to find out if our uprising interrogator has made any progress.

Week 5:
         While I was away, almost no progress was made. I am quite disappointed. I am told that our pet doesn’t even scream anymore. The interrogators are unnerved by the way he just stares into their eyes in silence as they go to work on his body. I was told he didn’t even flinch when they shattered his toes with hammers. For this week I just had him confined by himself with decreased food and water portions. I need to think.

Week 6:
         I got it. The perfect idea. We have been going about this all wrong. You don’t attack the body. You attack the mind. Any fool with a stick can harm the body. It takes a master to leave a permanent effect on the mind, and I know just how to do it.

Week 7:
         I found the one I wanted. It didn’t take much trouble, but I had to be sure he was the right type of person. I had men follow him when he went into bars and other places of the like. The man is well loved by everyone. Very sociable fellow. He will be perfect.
         I place him in the same cell as our pet. Our new prisoner will be given one meal a day, and be given barely any food in that meal. Our pet shall be given three meals a day with enough food to feed himself twice. If he has any human emotion in him, he will share his food.

Week 8:
         Its all going to plan. They just sit in their cell and talk. The sharing of food broke any walls that could have possibly prevented them from not talking. It was only a matter of time before they became friends. Now the real fun begins.

Week 9:
         The new prisoner was taken into the interrogation room directly across from the cell where he was being held. This way his screams would easily be carried to the ears of his friend. Our pet was left alone in his cell with nothing but the screams of his friend being tortured. I told our interrogators as long as he is kept alive they can do whatever they want. I’ve never seen such happy faces in my life.
         They began with the dental work. Nothing brings a scream out faster than someone chiseling the teeth out of your mouth with a hammer and nail. Then they moved onto peeling off his toe nails and finger nails, and then sticking tiny needles into the tender flesh that is now on the tips of his fingers and toes.

Week 10:
         We send the prisoner back to his cell every night broken and crying. Every night our pet project tries to comfort him, telling him that they will be rescued soon; that his god will sweep them away from this terrible place. Silly heathen doesn’t realize his god doesn’t exist. If only he would convert already. The good people of this country are paying taxes to keep him here.
         It’s time to start step two. We will be sending in a priest to our pet’s cell while his friend is being tortured. It’s time that he learns the message of the one try God.

Week 11:
         I am becoming impatient. I am moving to step three. It’s time to show him the true horrors of this world. His friend shall be removed to another cell far away and continued to be tortured. Our pet shall be led to believe that he was killed. Our pet’s food and water supply shall be diminished to two meals a day and substantially less food. Bodies shall be strung up in the cells around him. Fresh bodies shall be placed in there once every three days. Half shall be hung by their intestines from the ceiling. A quarter shall be burnt corpses that are also hung, but just by rope. The final quarter shall left on the ground, split up the middle. The rats need food and a place to live, these bodies shall be perfect. A Bible will be placed in the cell with our pet. Besides this, he will be left alone.

Week 12:
         I was told as they brought in one of the burnt corpses, which they carried in, one person holding it by the arms, the other by the legs, in the normal fashion, and the person’s hand, which was holding it by the legs slipped down the shin, taking the skin with it. Our pet was puking out his breakfast for the rest of the day.
On a good note, he has begun reading. Be it to keep himself from going insane, or because he truly is starting to see the light of God is unknown, but he is reading and that’s a start. It’s almost time for the next and final step. The torture of his friend has been coming along quite nice as well. He is almost completely broken now, in body and mind. A strong wind would snap in half. He has almost no strength to keep going. He needs to be fed for he can longer hold a spoon with his mutilated hand. I’m quite excited for what happens next.

Week 13:
         It happens tomorrow. Yesterday we placed a Crucifix on the wall, and next to it placed the disgusting pagan symbol he worships. I was told you could see the disgust in his eyes as they hung that silly symbol on the wall. His faith in his religion is gone. He finished reading the Bible as well. I only pray that it has affected him for the better. Tomorrow shall be the day we finally crush any faith he has left in his religion and gods.

Final Entry:
         Yesterday went marvelously. We told our pet’s friend that he was to be let go, but under one condition, he had to kill our pet. The man who told him this relayed to me that it was the first time they’ve ever seen someone smile in our jails. We gave him a small blade and showed him the way to our pet’s cell.
         Our pet was overjoyed to see his friend alive. His spirits were raised to a new high. When we opened the door to his cell to let in the other prisoner, our pet came rushing the prisoner with arms wide opened, until he saw the blade. It was awkwardly held in the man’s hand because of how many times his fingers were broken. He went into a frenzy, slashing wildly at his old friend. The look on our pet’s face was priceless. Of course faced with the decision of life or death, most men choose life, our pet was most men. There was almost no fight. Logically the man who wasn’t being constantly tortured for the past few weeks was in far better condition for a fight. In moments he had the blade in his hand, and with the accuracy of a surgeon, placed the severed the spinal cord with a thrust to the back of the neck. We removed the body from the cell and left our pet to cry. He cried all night long. When we came in this morning, the pagan symbol had been shredded to pieces. He was praying to the crucifix. He was actually praying. The project was a success. Our pet was released to the world with enough money to last him out the month, food, water, clothes, a bible and a crucifix. The pope must be notified that there is one more Catholic in this world.
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