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The questions to life and what life means to mankind
Why does man ignore his destiny in order to suffer pain.because he chooses to live in the dark, the choices that man makes upsets life. The earth that man walks upon is only a mirror of what he does in life. There is no right or wrong but only what man decides to do with life. All life in existance copys mans dreams. The dreams of man is a bottomless ocean surounded by thoughts, and vision. The seeing eyes only see what man wants them to see.By therefore ignoring fate and attempting an alternative path only leaves pain and loneliness. The deepest hearts of man see life as pain because they think life is pain. As does the soul, the soul connects with life and therefore grows inside the man. If man grows so does the life for inwhich the human body is encompted in. The human body of man is merely a vessel trapping all existence and storing it in man. Therefore life is intended to be what you want it to be,it is only mans decision and only he can make that decision.So man must make life a good one.
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