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      Milkweed survey: Lush vegitation
                                Natives passive and primative
                                Vast water supplies
                                Begin colonization.

      Tachina rubbed her thighs together nervously. She was hidden
      deep in the many chambers of the spherical spaceship. Tachina
      raised her long antenea and called to her mate Milkweed:

                              "Is it safe? I want to be with you!"

      Milkweed replied there are some dangers, but we are strong enough
      to overcome them. Tachina spread her eight translucent wings with
      excitiment and flew from their home for so many years. Milkweed
      sprung up from the field he surveyed and flew up to his bride.

                              "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

      Frank squinted at what he thought were turkeys. Chris walked up
      beside him, "What the hell is that?" Frank shook his head poked
      the green remains of Milkweed and Tachina, "Looks like huge locus."
      "I'm hungry, do you have a sandwich?" Chris queried. "Why don't
      you bring your own lunch?" Frank bellowed and picked up one of
      the alien traveler's grasshopper legs. Chris took a bite out one the
      alien's legs, "Taste like chicken." Frank shook his head slowly and
      walked away.

      Reflection: Who is to decide what is intelligence?


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