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Part VI – The Three by Four
Blue Fire

Part VI – The Three by Four

Chapter Twenty-Five - Lilith

Onto the castle grounds they wandered in full awe
As the closer they came to the main gates and stalls

People milled about them in a multitude’s wave
Vendors called out with their harvest bounty lay,
Leather shoes for that special betrothed daughter
Baskets woven tight enough to hold water;
Cloth of silk, cotton and wool sold by a crafted seller
In every imaginable shape, size and bold color.

A metal smith for swords, horseshoes, essential cooking ware
Baubles of intricate design as they were made with care.
One seemed out of place, displaying items of blown glass
A large selection of magickal symbols displayed en masse.
Clear to passion purple, to sky blue and blood red.
Difficult to produce fascinating shapes in an elaborate spread.

DragonBlue paid particular attention
As her wares were from another dimension
That only through magick old and ancient
Could she have an exhibit as merchant.
MoonChild and DragonBlue approached
This booth with caution as they broached

Inquiring where it was she came from and whom she was
The surrounding clamor fell away to a distant buzz.

“Where might ye be from?” asked MoonChild.
“Far from here” replying she smiled.
“Over the seas east and south too
Where sunny skies are always blue,
Where the weather remains tropical,
And the people deeply magickal.”

Then this mysterious and flamboyant woman replied.
“I am Lilith; of the Tuath De Danaan my blood line
tracing lineage back to the time before
we came to Ire through the port of lore.
My people came north in exploration
Anchored to harbor in speculation.

Rolling green hills and beaches of sand
The shore of what is now called Ireland
Surrounded by beautiful seas and deep Blue Ocean
That was untouched by the taint of civilization.
Obtainable with the indigenous peoples in peace
Sharing the bounty of this abundant isle of green.

We were conquered by the Keltoi,
Though never to be destroyed
So becoming one the Keltoi Nation,
The Clans of Scotia’s population
War and animosity amongst themselves
To scatter their seed in the north highland shelves

We who remained pure in blood with matriarch scribes
Paying homage to Goddess Ire, named her as tribes.

This is Ire’s land of abundance, milk and honey,
Gifted by Goddess Gaea, mother to life energy.
I have traveled time and element to sell
My wares as I spread the sacred Wyrd and tell
Of the ancient ones to all who seek lives of truth
And to assist one such as yourself, Dragon of Blue."


"Part I - Chapter 1 - Merlin's Gift
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Part VI – The Three by Four
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