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Part VI – The Three by Four
Blue Fire

Part VI – The Three by Four

Chapter Twenty-Eight – Approaching the Keep

MoonChild looked over at her friend
As a knowing glance her way she sent
Together they watched the Keltoi witch
Stir her brew and prepare a breakfast

She tsk’d tsk’d her way through
Refusing help from either two
Scrumptious smells of her skill
Wafted towards them until

She had before them laid
Savory meat and eggs
Flavored with many an herb and spice
Over a bed of wild brown rice

Digging in they thanked their host
As this was a feast to boast

As they enjoyed this delightful fare
Lilith described the village with care
Including the castle’s daily schedule
With the routines of the guard’s vestibule.

As their breakfasting came to a close
Both MoonChild and DragonBlue arose
Began their exploration of the community
Through vendors yells and yield aplenty.

They headed toward the third tower
In the north to release the power
Of the talismans magick that would lay
Open the scrolls of the ancient ones way

To the portal that led to where they must go
Aligning with the vibration’s flow
Facing once again the dark wolf’s rage
As they released those held within his cage

Of darkness that threatened to overwhelm
Any who strayed within its foul realm.

As they approached the castle’s keep
Noting the guards were in receipt
Message from a noble coming today
Keeping their stance in business foray.

A runner with scroll in hand to announce
Arrival of one who warranted flounce
Of the trumpet blare to bridge the moat
Escort a noble of special note.

After they had lowered the channel to pass
There was an explosion coming from a blast
From the direction of the patrician’s path
Leaving confusion scattered in the aftermath.

While mayhem and confusion ensued
Crossing were MoonChild and DragonBlue
Onto the castle’s grounds and trails
That led to the keeps natural rails.

As the steep switch backs wound
Them up, then down around
They saw a shadow cast by a torch
Ascending as their way was then forged.

It was none other than Lilith, their new friend
Red hair a-flying around her at each bend
She spoke not a word but led the way
Into the castle’s secret parley.


"Part I - Chapter 1 - Merlin's Gift
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Part VI – The Three by Four
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