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a poem about my depression
one day the flowers went away,
i didn't know where they went,
but they were all gone from the yard,
and the yard was barren,
my heart was empty,
my mind was full of insincere thoughts.
one day the music ceased to play,
it had just gone away, one day,
and my thoughts were so negative,
my heart was so empty,
my feelings sunk into a deep dark abyss,
this was the day the depression started.

the depression it lasted long,
the music never played a single note,
or when it did, that note was just a blaring screech.
my heart ached for a love it never felt,
my thoughts, they were like mud in an endless ditch.
and the yard was like a weed ridden yard,
full of the brownest, crunchiest, deadest grass,
if you could even call it that,
but that music, it just never, never played.

and then... one day
the flowers began to bud
the music began to slowly build
and the feelings and thoughts started coming back
the abyss began to lift
my heart began to feel love again
and the depression began to lift
and i knew my life had come back again.
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