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A dark dreamy story, . mystirous teenager tell his life story.
I slowly ,pushed myself thru the tables. The wind was behind me, so my long hair didn’t bother me, I piled a plate with meat and took a little glass of red wine, naturally I felt I should hide the wine but then again this powerful feeling overcome me, why should I be afraid? Me, the young vicious, quite boy of sixteen. Some people started dancing and singing, when they did so they stomped all over aunts Claudia’s green grass ,but there warrant any flowers to stomp over. not yet. That’s how I knew spring wasn’t there yet. the blue sky seemed weight. I wanted to kiss it. It’s a charming thought to kiss the sky? Only a powerful, ridicules creator like me could have thought of it, but except that I was quit human. I hated it all and yet wanted to kiss it, be a part of it and to believe that its never endless this round, bright open valley we call, world. The warmth of the wine reminded me how late it was so very, very late. I would like to tell this story even if it would make me seem like a simple crook. A being that is only what he does and not what he really is.

’don’t you dare touch this walch!’’ at the end the voice trembled, and then it was dark,and then red,pink.and even blue . aunt cludia sllaped me. again.and again. ''havent I told you this walch belongs to your uncel,you should never touch it". i was only four years old and lived in the castel. I was brought hir by my parents sirvant.that told my aunt ther deid,absaloutley deid,he kept on promising.and then he run off. of curse aunt Cludia was very appset as she told me two years later: 'I hate liars and that man of yours(the sirvant) is a real liar,Im so upset about that,your parents are quite alive. are you listining?"...
Yes.you see my parents are alive, they just wanted me to have a nice place to live in,and of course it in as well. So they pretended to be deid -to be polite and send me hie a rwo year old into a big,huge beautiful castel.Aunt didnt have to keep me,but as a reveng she did and what a reveng it indeed was!

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