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by arwyn
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i like to imagine trees coming to life, toppling buildings with their branches like arms.
If I take
this one scene
and magnify the trees, the vines, the grass.
If I take it, ungelded
can it swallow everything?
Topple buildings and
surround animosity.
Can it outgrow every uranium tenure
every coal stained smoke stack
every poisoned umbilical cord,
turn ashes to fertile soil?
If I take this one scene
of hills and trees and flowers and thorns
overgrown, all together
can I magnify it over everything?

I want to take this
take it and
plaster it over city landscapes. Over monster
blood brick and mortar.
Plant seeds in sidewalk cracks. I want to
pull out block after block
and put this there.
Explosive fire and then just trees.
I don’t want to see anything
except this,
overgrown, anarch, vine after
devouring everything.
Flower after flower, filling
every hard gray stone,
and winning-
against the brute force of buildings,

for sun and air.

In the base of
my being, I can
see this, magnifying, growing, living
over beast pollution’s outline.
I can see the very fabric
of laws and lies and hatred
ripping open,
bearing the beginning, again.
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