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An expression of how i feel at the moment.
I recently watched a ‘Bruce Willis’ movie….Sixth Sense…..and as the story unfolded, I embraced what I made out as the most perfect connection one could ever imagine between and a man and his wife…..they seemed to exist as one…even without as much as a word….they understood each other. But just 15 minutes into the movie, he gets shot by a lunatic, and sadly…he dies.

For some reason, an overwhelmingly somber air seemed to seriously nag at me.  Yet knowing that even movies depict the true picture of life was somewhat comforting.  The moments that we deem as ‘happy’ tend to slip away much too fast from our grip….and with age, you have to strain even to remember them. 

As a child, I hoped that the romantic bubbles that I built in my head, from what I saw….or wanted to see, from the movies or novels that I read, would indeed materialize and come to pass.  And they did.    But only for a short while….a really short while.  The bubbles I built burst much too soon. 

Now I know it’s not just me.  One only has to look around, to realize that ‘Happy’ just isn’t very patient with us.  If only it could give us a bit more time, maybe linger with us for a tad longer…or not be too selective of those it decides to stick around for; because for a lucky few, it actually decides to settle in. 

For most of us, sadly, this is not the case. And what replaces ‘happy’ when it fades away is much too much to bear….the all too familiar pain and heartache, the numbness that never seems to wander away.  ‘Happy’, I beg of you, please stay a little longer the next time you are nigh!’
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