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Be forwarned, it's only my second draft so it'll probably be really bad.
  Lyla sat on a rock jutting above the Thinor River. She closed her eyes and listened to the running water, letting the sound engulf her and awaken the familiar feeling she so loved. Lyla began to sing. She made the beautiful melody flow from her, making her feel alive.
  Lyla loved singing. She also loved to dance and be near the river. The three things Melissa had forbidden ger to do. Melissa had never told her or her brother, Ryan, why, so she took every oppurtunity to break those rules. Ryan sometimes came to the river with her, but today he was working the small patch of land they grew most of their food from. Melissa never elaborated on her husband's death for it brought a pained look to her face. What Lyla did learn though, was that he was a good man. On more then one occasion she wished she'd known her father, but her and Ryan never talked about it.
  Lyla pushed her golden brown hair from her gray eyes as she ended her song. These sessions were always short, or she'd be discovered. She stood up, turned to leave, and stopped. Someone was whispering. Lyla whipped around, trying to find the source. No one ever came within these woods. Even Lyla dared not go past the river. Too many stories of beasts and hauntings surrounded them. They did not live near any villages, which made it more unlikely there was any one there. Yet, Lyla was sure someone was there.
  "Ryan?" Lyla called to the trees. The whispering just grew louder, as if whatever it was drew nearer. Lyla backed up, without realizing she was moving closer to the edge of the water. Then she heard her name. Lyla took another step backward, falling into the river. Atleast, she thought she did. Lyla hadn't heard herself hit the water, only felt herself fall, and felt wet. But if she was underwater, why was she breathing? Lyla looked up, but saw no light filtering from above. She heard someone behind her, turned, an dnearly screamed. A huge  and ancient looking whale was swimming towards her. The scariest part was the long ivory horn the sprouted from its head and was aimed toward her. Any second it was going to spear her.
  But the whale disappeared. It was gone as quickly as it came, leaving its horn behind. Only it was now a staff. On the widest part rested two crescent moons. In between them, rested a gem that made Lyla's heart race and began to make her eyes green again. On instinct, she reached out, and took it.
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