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Introducing the subject of Feng Shui An ancient art of placement, home and environment.
Our Environment

Fengshui literally means wind and water. The practice of Feng shui is an ancient art of placement. The Chinese believed that an auspicious placement of doors, windows, walkways furniture and other objects can allow for free and harmonious flow of ‘chi’ which we understand as energy in an environment.
On the macro level placement of roads, buildings, gardens, schools, temples and graveyards could harness the natural flow of life supporting ‘chi’ to our maximum benefit. You may ask a question at this point; if bad Fengshui is the cause of all problems in one’s life? Not at all Fengshui contributes to a percentage dealing with space only. A part of it the reason affected by your birth chart and most important is your contribution as human connection and the choices you make in dealing with people and problems.
It speaks about life force energy; which is the intangible life force residing within us which makes us recognizable even after years; though none of the cells we had at birth remain the same; yet there is something constant that makes us ourselves.
This life force energy is called ‘Chi’ in Chinese. So we have good chi called ‘Sheng chi’ emitted by bright, beautiful objects, good food, harmonious homes, beautiful gardens and all that we hold dear which is good where as bad ‘chi’ is generated by decaying matter, cluttered homes, depressions quarrels, dark morbid places bad energy is called ‘Shi chi’
Energy can be classified as yang and yin energy. The Yang is the active extroverted form projected while the introverted form of energy is receiving absorbing energy.
Black White
Night Day
Winter Summer
Female Male
Passive Active
Cold Hot
Death Life
It is very important to understand the role of both Yang and Yin in our lives because a golden mean has to be achieved in life for fulfillment.
We have both Yang spaces and Yin spaces in our homes. Yang places are the living rooms, family rooms activity rooms, Yin spaces are Bedrooms, Studies, Baths, Toilets and Storage areas. So an auspicious placement of these activities can create harmony and balance in a home.

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