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Whisked away into his bedroom...(WIP)
A/N: This is a work in progress, though I can't figure out what more I could do to it. Maybe you know what I could do. Be good and leave your true ratings and reviews please! I bid you good reading! - Sassy ;) -

I flipped my phone down after ending a conversation with him, a sultry laugh vibrating from my throat. Hearing the sounds of various grunts and roars outside, I knew the guys were having a rowdy time. I got up from my chair and headed out of the bedroom. I could hear my roommates outside too, chatting it up and flirting, but my intentions for the night were elsewhere.

I went downstairs and through the kitchen to the back door, stepping out to the deck. Our apartments were connected in the back, which did surprise me, but it was nice to have. As I closed the door, my eyes focused out through the woods to the street that came between it. I watched a few cars as they sped by, wondering if they could see me standing on the deck. I was taken from my thoughts as I felt my arm being pulled. With a surprised yelp, I flew into the strong arms of my sexy man, his lips taking mine passionately. Realizing that he was shirtless, I snaked my hands up his sides and to his chest, rubbing him lovingly. He wrapped his arms around me, walking backward until we were inside his place. Feeling my back hit the counter, I giggled as his mouth grazed against my neck, stealing an arousing kiss. I felt my body ripen all over, shivers shooting down my spine when his hand caressed my back. I was so turned on, getting very excited when he grabbed my ass. Feeling his finger slide around to the front, a naughty little smile came upon my face when he discovered my surprise.

“I love when you come to me with no panties…” he growled in my ear, pulling my hips against his. I felt his hard cock through his shorts, rubbing my slit, needing me and wanting inside. I let out a little gasp of pleasure before his lips covered mine, tongues meeting and tasting as well. He lifted me in his arms and carried me to his bedroom, setting me on my feet when we got inside. He stepped behind me and pushed my hair aside, kissing down my neck. A sigh left my lips, feeling his hands come around to the hem of my shirt, undoing each button very slowly.

The shirt fell off of my shoulders, revealing my naked chest to the air, nipples hard and begging to be touched. His arms slid underneath mine, encircling my torso in a way that made me feel secure. His hands slid up my stomach to my breasts, taking one in each hand with a gentle squeeze. My arms came up and back until they met around his neck, my head back and my eyes closed, allowing him free range of my heated skin. I spread my legs as well, moving my hips backward until my butt met his crotch, enticing him. With a deep and strained groan he pushed against my back, pinching and twisting my nipples between his fingers.

“Baby…” I sighed teasingly, my lips close to his ear. I felt him shudder, his breath becoming increasingly ragged and quick. His fingers traveled down until they slid underneath my skirt, teasing my clit with featherlike strokes. I tried to move my hips to relieve the wicked pressure that my neglected and aching pussy was getting, but he only moved his hand. He seemed to laugh a little when I replied frustratingly. I tilted my head towards him, summoning his mouth with my swollen lips. His finger finally began to caress my hardened jewel, slippery with liquid arousal. And now that I had gotten some of what I wanted, I swiveled my hips, grinding sinfully against him. He hissed in my ear, kissing my temple and my cheek, rubbing me more intently now. He pulled his hand away once more, bringing it to my lips.

My mouth accepted his fingers, my tongue wrapping around the two and tasting them. I moaned, delighted by my own sweet taste, sucking the fingers and making him hiss. He pulled them from my mouth and went back down. Between my rising moans and purrs, I could hear him growling deep within. I felt his teeth gently nip my ear. At the same time, he pulled my skirt down.

“Get on that bed.”

It only took me a second before my back hit the sheets, watching him toss his shorts aside and walk forward. His thick erection was barely moving with each step he took, the purplish head glistening with pre-cum. He crept onto the mattress, pushing my legs back until the head of his cock met my entrance. Taking a glance into his eyes, as he hovered over me, I ran my fingers up his strong arms, lacing my fingers behind his neck. With a lick of his lips, he leaned down, ravishing my mouth with his. He teased the head inside of my pussy, pulling back and causing me to halt a moan. He bit my bottom lip and followed with his tongue, pushing his length deep inside me. I purred against his lips, my hands kneading his back muscles and my legs locking around his thighs.

"Oooh...oh baby..."

His lips seared a trail down my jaw to my neck, thrusting that last inch in my pussy. I felt myself clench around him, the sensation rippling through my body. He knew just how to tease, only moving enough to make me push against him. To show him that I was just as capable of punishing, I began to contract my PC muscles around him, hearing a surprised grunt from him.

“Shit…” he replied, heeding my physical warning, pushing in deep and hard. When he finally kept going this time, I let out a relieved sigh, my fingers dancing up and down his spine. He grunted and groaned against my neck as he fucked me hard, the sound of our bodies slamming together filling the room. I needed more of him, clawing at his back and tightening my legs to pull him against me. He leaned forward, stealing my lips as his cock reached its deepest point in me over and over.

“Fuck me baby, just like that…” I whispered and panted, my fingers grazing along his head.

“Hold on tight…you’re about to go for a ride.” He replied. I followed suit, holding myself to him. He grabbed me around the knees and pulled me up until he was kneeling and I was positioned upright against him. He held my legs apart, slamming deep into my pussy relentlessly. I held on, throwing my head back and taking it rough. More tingling sensation had come up and it was about to get out of hand very soon. I looked down at him, seeing that he was watching me, and that really got me going. I stole a few passionate, erotic kisses from him, in the true moment of lust and love.

“Faster…” I sighed. I started to bounce up and down very quickly in his lap, the slapping noises becoming even louder and quicker. My breath became sparse and hard, my nails in his back.

“Like that?” he grunted, pulling my body next to him each time to achieve new angles. I, on the other hand, was about to explode. My breaths and my voice came back, and this unbelievable shock hit me.

“YES!!!” I screamed, bursting at the seams with stars in my eyes. He pushed a few more times before steadying himself and joining me in the fun. I felt hot spurts of him splash inside, combining with my wet lust. Rough, harsh breaths against my neck had slowly come down. I felt a light, cool sheen of sweat cover my skin as he laid me down on the bed. Without pulling out, he rolled up behind me, yanking the sheets over us and cradling me in his arms. I could still hear the guys outside hooting and hollering, though we’d just had more of a rowdy time…hands down.
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