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The opening minutes to a moie script I was working on

int. underground concert. night

We see hordes of kids jumping and screaming, moshing around the stage as ATMOSPHERE performs "TRYING TO FIND A BALANCE".

It's fucking blaring out of the dozen or so speakers dotted around the room.

Even though the music is blaring, the shouts and screams of the fans are enough to almost drown it out.

We now see a boy fighting through the army of moshing kids, JOHNNY REICH. He finds the person he is looking for, another boy, DAVID CLARENCE.


(shouting over the music and crowd)

So are we gonna' fucking do this or what?



You know I'm ready.

Johnny nods curtly, his face is a little pale. By well it should be; he's fucking terrified.

PAN: Out over the mass of fans around the stage, as Johnny and David fight their way out of the room.

We now see a girl, FAUNA HARDMEAD, amidst the legion of fans. She's standing relatively still, mouthing out the words to the chorus.


(on stage, rapping)

"In the days of kings and queens I was a jester, treat me like a God only treat me like a leper..."

int. bathroom. night

Johnny and David crash through the doors to the bathroom, shutting the door so that the pounding of the music becomes a distant THUD, THUD, THUD over the sound of RUNNING WATER--a tap has been left on by a previous occupant.


You don't gotta' do this...



Nah. I do...

David looks at him confusedly, waiting for him to continue.



...It's personal. Please don't make me explain.


Ok, fine...but I always thought you told me you weren't...


I'm not.

David doesn't bother stating any more.


Fauna is now fighting through the multitude of moshing kids to reach a second girl, SARAH KEANE, who is jumping up-and-down rhythmically with the rest of the fans.


(shouting to be heard)


(Sarah doesn't hear her, so)

Hey, Sarah!

(still nothing, so Fauna pokes her on the arm)

Are you fucking deaf?


Are you? Can you not hear the fucking MUSIC?

Fauna rolls her eyes.


You thirsty?



Wouldn't mind a drink.


Ok, I'll sort it out. You packing?

Sarah rolls her eyes, then lifts up her t-shirt, revealing her pale stomach and the black handle of a semi-automatic beretta stowed in her mini-skirt.


Ok good. Keep it on hot.

Sarah winks.


Trust me, I already have tonight...

Fauna looks on as Sarah puts her arms around the guy in front of her, and randomly steals a french kiss off of him.

Fauna rolls her eyes.


Half these fags are on ecs, the other half...


...don't deserve to get their cocks near this mother fucker.





Fauna giggles, then disappears into the multitude of fans.


David ducks his head below the door of the cubicles, checking for occupants. Content the bathroom is empty, he kicks in the closest cubicle door, and steps in.


It's fucking weird...


...just doing it here.

Johnny, staring at himself in the mirror and inaudibly panicking, snorts in desperation.


But it's like...the idea that anyone could walk in...


Ok then.

Johnny sucks in a deep breath, staring into his own eyes in the grungy mirror. He's shaking visibly now, and all the blood is drained from his face. He's fucking petrified.



Um...how do you even...y'know...

There's a LAUGH from the cubicle David is in.


You put it in your mouth, and suck.



Oh. Thanks.


Back in the main room, Fauna is standing nervously by the bar, casting her eyes periodically around the room.

The entrance door at the far end opens, and a gang of men come in--4 surrounding 1. The man in the middle is wearing a cap and hoodie, hiding most of his face. His entourage all look identical; big, bald mother fuckers in leather jackets.

ZOOM: To a shot of one of the men straightening his jacket, revealing for an instant the Sig Sauer underneath it. Fauna takes notice, and reaches a hand down the front of her jeans, clasping around a pistol we don't yet see.


Johnny is still staring at himself in the mirror, not following David into the cubicle. He's breathing heavily, still terrified and unsure of what he's about to do.

In a calm, understanding and reassuring tone, we hear David speak again.


The quicker you get it over with...


Yeah I know, I know...Jesus FUCK...(beat) Ok

He turns around and, taking a last deep breath, walks with shaking, unsure footsteps into the cubicle.

We see David standing with his back to the far wall of the cubicle, mouth twisted into half a smile. Johnny comes in in front of him, and shuts and locks the door behind him.

Both boys draw handguns from their jeans, check the safeties, and discard them on the floor.

When they stand up straight again, a moment of silence passes where neither boy does anything. We can see on Johnny's face how exasperated he's becoming; being scared and unsure is bad enough without the constant waiting.


(a weak, scared voice)


Two beats.



Obscured from our view by Johnny's shoulder, we see David reach his hands to the front of his jeans and cast his eyes heavenward. We hear the UNZIPPING OF A ZIP, then one beat, and we hear Johnny exhale slowly and shakily.

Johnny gets down on his knees, and looks up at David. Neither of them say a word to each other, but Johnny nods, then we see his head move forwards as he starts to suck David's cock.

ext. outside the club, sidewalk. night

Three black men are hovering outside the small doorway leading down into the belly of the club. They are each wearing long trenchcoats, their right hands under the folds of the jackets, probably caressing the butt of a rifle.

One of the men, possibly the leader, turns to the guy to his left.

man #1

Four kids. Two girls and two boys; one of which leaves beavers. Don't take any chances; magazine apiece.

man to the left


(to the third man)

Let's go.

The two men head into the lit doorway and disappear from sight.


As the rap act finishes, the man in the hoodie and his bodyguards come over to the bar, near where Fauna is standing.

She catches Sarah's eye, and they nod to one another.

CLOSE UP: The front of Sarah's skirt as she lifts up her t-shirt again and closes her delicate fingers around her pistol-grip.


We see Johnny still kneeling and giving David a blowjob. David's head is lying back against the wall, and his eyes are shut as he breaths heavily.

Johnny gags a little, and moves his head back, coughing and spluttering a little.





It's ok...

Johnny draws breath again, then gets back to 'work'. David looks down at him and gently rests his hand on the top of Johnny's head.


Do you do this often...?


Mm, mmmmmmmm. M mm mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm?

("No, actually. I am catholic, remember?")

David laughs heartily.


Don't speak with your mouth full!

Johnny, still in the middle of giving David a blowjob, snorts and raises the finger to David. David laughs.

Muffled by the thick bathroom walls, we hear a quick succession of three GUNSHOTS.

CLOSE UP: On David's face, as he looks up and visibly frets.




Fauna dives over the bar, ducking for cover behind it against an onslaught of gunfire.

People in the small room are screaming and running ragged this way and that, trying to get the fuck outa' dodge.

We see her assailants now: two of the hooded guy's bodyguards have drawn their pistols and are firing in unison at the bar she is hidden behind.

We see Fauna again, lifting up her handgun and without aiming firing three rounds in their general direction.

Now, at the entrance to the room, being barged aside by the hordes of people trying to escape quickly, we see the two black guys, wide-eyed, watching the situation unfold.

SLOW MO, from "MAN ON THE LEFT"'S POV: The two bodyguards not firing bundle the hooded man out a service exit at the far end of the room.

The two bodyguards keeping Fauna pinned down stop to reload. We see the magazines drop slowly out of their pistols, and their hands move quickly and professionally down to their pockets to extricate a fresh one.

As soon as the firing stops, Sarah, who has been hiding behind a giant amplifier for the duration of the attack, pops out with her gun in hand, and fires a round at the closest guy to her.

His blood splatters over his partner's face, who turns in shock and horror in the direction of the young girl, only to be shot from the side by Fauna.


Sarah dashes forward in an attempt to get to her friend.

CLOSE UP: "Man on the left's" face as he plans his next move.

"man on the left"

Let's do it.

Both the men draw small Kalashnikovs from their trench coats, raise them to hip-height and spray the room with their full clips.

By now it is empty of fans, so the only person caught in the onslaught is Sarah, who jolts violently as bullets rip through her frame, then, eyes in shock and eyeing Fauna, spits up blood before falling to a crumpled heap on the dirty floor.



Fauna goes to jump over the bar and be with her fallen friend, but her eyes fall on the two men with the AKs. They reload fresh clips into their rifles, and there is the METALLIC CLICK as they cock back the hammer.

Both men raise their rifles in the direction of Fauna. They are about to fire.

PAN: over to the bathroom doors.

With a violent BANG the door crashes open, and David and Johnny charge out, pistols raised, evaluating the situation in an instant.

DAVID'S POV: ZOOM IN on Sarah lying dead on the floor, then to the two guys with rifles; the closest of which is turning to engage the two boys.

Both of them open fire with their handguns, dispatching both assailants before they have the chance to kill Fauna.

Fauna emerges from behind the bar, shaking, and walks in a zombie-like trance over to Sarah's body, where she falls to her knees and starts to weep bitterly.

David goes over and puts his arm around her, comforting her, but Johnny walks over to the two black guys, patting them down for any information.

The "Man on the Left" groans a bit, and, mercilessly, Johnny places the tip of his beretta to the man's temple and pulls the trigger.

He looks back over at David, clutching Fauna in two hands now, as she cries her eyes out.

fade to black
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