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When I wrote this, I had no idea what to think or what to write. In result, I wrote this.
I am in the mood to speak my mind
To share my opinions freely
But I don’t know what to write about
It’s crazy; my mind is reeling

I could write about how it feels
To be on the outside looking in
I could write about someone I like
His eyes and goofy grin

There could be paragraph
Written in a mellow tone
There could be a five-page essay
About why chores make me groan

So many aspects of my life
A chocolate box variety
But for me to choose what to write
Causes me great anxiety

Love, life, laughing, God
Sisters, school, bullies, friends
Chocolate, talking, tennis, boys
Atom smashes, catastrophic world ends

I have no idea in the entire world
What the heck to write about
There’s pressure building inside of me
If I wasn’t writing I would shout

I want to dance; I want to cry
Maybe I’ll bake or go for a run
Caps Lock cannot convey my emotions
Great! Now I’ve written a poem.
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