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Green Peace
              The cause was necessary, but diminutive. Some were allowed
              to breed others were sterilized. What was done was for the good
              of the community. The woman became an asset and the man's
              seed his commodity. The offspring were raised by the state...

              Brice was of strong breeding stock. Her teachers named her
              for her many freckles. Many students were named by their instructors.
              Brice wandered through the Vineyard: a place for bonding with
              strong men. The behaviorist had observed women were more
              likely to nuture their children if they had bonded with the fathers.

              A nutured child would have a healthier apatite and grow faster.
              The Vineyard had many secret places and open feilds as well
              as a stream to swim in. Brice embraced and carressed many
              breeders: male and female. She finally, stettled on Yuna.

              Yuna was a slender young Japanese lad and excited about
              Brice' freckles. They liked to find a secret place for coupling.
              Yuna would make funny faces to make Brice laugh. She was
                very ticklish. They would hold hands and race each other in
              the open places. A good sence of bonding grew playfully.

              After Brice became pregnat, they were separated. This allowed
              carefull prenatal treatment. Yuna was given many other females
              to prevent anxiety and aggressive possessiveness. But, he was
              still concerned about Brice.

              The birth was successfull. The child was kept with Brice and Yuna
              until the age of reasonable separation. This was a time of education.
              Brice and Yuna bonded so strongly they had two more offspring.
              These offspring were avalutated to be not fit for breeding.

              All serve a function in society or they are terminated. This is efficient.
              A small, but hardy population thrives. There is no crime.
              The community is safe and in harmony with the ecology. The land
              is green and the water clean.

              Brice and Yuna were terminated on their twenth birthdays.
              They asked to have their ashes mingled in the soil of the Vineyard:
              to make it green.

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