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Just a poem about a girl
Locomotion is an awkward concept,
I try so hard,
Our souls are in our feet,
Let's walk;
We stretch our feet, from our heads,
We lay for sleep, in our beds,
We wait to be friendly,
We cry on closed doors,
A lot of things happen,
That will happen again.

We raise from the floor,
Although, we do not dust off,
We wear our proud, lightly,
For no one else may know,
We walk in steps of rhythm,
With nothing else beside us,
And, sometimes we run,
We don't always have a hand to guide us;
We will walk forever,
Then someone ahead, yells. To find us.

Let's run together,
It will be grand,
We can do a lot of things,
For, you are with me,
And all things are all right, now come;
We run so long, that everyone else forgets,
We trip and we skip, but, we run a long.

And then you wake up from a place,
That you have never seen,
Side-ways, are the people,
Your vision is unclean,
You push up against something,
That something is the floor,
Long, how have you been sitting,
Staring at nothing,
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