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by rungo
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A column dealing with simple things in life, good and bad.
I believe I have a need to write. I was once a writer. In fact, I even got paid for it, but that seems a long time ago. One day I found that I missed writing, so I decided to write. I would never admit to writing a journal, so I called it a column. It sounds much more professional and manly. Just say it yourself. "I'm writing a journal." "I'm wirting a column." Big difference.

I started writing a column and had one reader. My wife. She seemed intrigued and sometimes even laughed out loud. I enjoyed it and it seemed therapeutic. After a few columns it began to feel a little weird. One person reading a column. It reminded of a great Al Bundy retort to his wife. "If I wanted you to know what I was thinking. I'd be talkin'". I may at some point rewrite one of those columns, if they remained timeless.

So today I stumble upon writing.com. Maybe someone will read it. A stranger. Wooooooo. Maybe not, but I'm still writing and so far it's been enjoyable. For you maybe not, but for me, again somewhat therapeutic.

My content will be timely and not always politically correct. It will range from the mundane to the moronic. It could include a simple rant about a slow driver in the left lane, a driver who does not use his indicator, a man who doesn't open a door for a woman, a man that doesn't give a foul ball to a child.

I must be in a good place today because the thought I'd like to share is not a rant, but more a marvel of life.

I was at a minor league ball game last weekend. I looked up at the crowd and observed three scenes. One was a 6-year-old girl that was taking great delight in eating a hot dog. There was a peaceful and youthful exhuberance as she took such delight in each bite. A few rows up and to the left were three blue collar types getting ready for the game to start. The two at the ends got up clanked their beers so it spilled on the man in the middle. Again, a delightful look to all three participants. The third was up a few more rows and to the right. An elderly couple, bundled up on a warm afternoon with coolness closing in. The delight on their faces, not only for where they were on this beautiful day, but who they were with. They were all alone wrapped in joy, as was the little girl and her hot dog and the three compadres with their beers.

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