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Kim Cattrall

            There's another Harry Potter movie coming out! I always love
            stories about Witches. My first favorite is the Witch of Endor.
            She raised Samuel from the dead. Then there's Bewitched(1945)
            with Katherine Lockhart. It's about a women tormented
            by a second personality. Yummy! I Married A Witch(1942):
            Veronica Lake. A Witch burned in Salem comes back to
            haunt descendents, who sent her to her death. Fun flick!

            Whenever, I get a massage I always think about Witchcraft.
            It's soooooooo sexy and soothing. I start to have visions...
            Sex is spiritual. I have a DVD of Kim Cattrall: Sexualintelligence.
            She's nude on the cover. Thumbs up! There's alot of accient
            pagan porn too. That Kim explains in a biki. Yes!

            Let me tell a secret. Incantations are conditioned responces.
            Go to any religious service and you will have a ritual. The Priest
            or Minister leads the congregation in an anthem. There is alot
            of repitition. Inorder to communicate with the spirit world...
            The dead remember the rituals. That's what wakes them up.
            The Witch of Endor used a Kabbalah incantation to wake up Samual.
            A prayer for the dead. Women make the best Mediums. We all
            have strong memories of our mothers and they are the doorway
            into life. Fun!

            Witch means wise women.


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