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Theres no escape! No surrender! No compromising with enemies such as these!
  Explosions continued to erupt to the left and right of the battered ferrrari. He began to think of how to put more distance between himself and his persuers; the wild bunch of women that wielded explosives and ammunition that tore through the beautiful sports car tareing it to pieces.

  Tech took a quick glance into the rearview mirror then in the drivers sideview, then passenger sideview mirror realizing there wasn't one. He kept the gas peddle to the floor leaning over reaching for the glovebox. Bullets echoed off the body of the car as Tech pulled two grenedes from the compartment as three more rolled out onto the floor then under the passenger seat. He took another glance into the rearview mirror, then over his shoulder and smiled. Tech pulled the pin of one of the grenedes and tossed it out of the sunroof into the air.

  The explosion ejected one of the women wearing a skin tight black leather riding suit from her motorcycle like a ragdoll. The bike slid across the pavement and was run over by one of the modified H2 Hummers that followed close behind. It seemed to Tech as if gunfire and explosions had become heavier and even more speratic after his assault with the grenede. He quickly released the second grenede into the air; this time his persuers were ready and evaded his mock air assault.

  More blasts errupted making the ferrari fishtail out of control. Tech quickly regained control and pressed harder on the excellorater. The three grenedes that had rolled under the passenger seat were now rolling around on the floor freely. He leaned over trying to stear the car and grab for them with his tongue out the side of his mouth, straining. Tech got his hand around one of the grenedes! "YES!"

  When he rose and looked around, another woman; with her long blond hair streaming from under her jet black helmet smashed the passenger side window with the butt of her sub-machine gun. The faceless woman aimed the weapon at Tech. He rammed the bike which made her swerve but the woman was good, she held her balance once again steadying herself. Tech smiled at the woman and mouthed the word "Sorry." Then shrugged his shoulders as if it was an accident.

  This wasn't exactly the first time he had this type of morning, with these same persuers. Actually, it seems these mornings have become more frequent recently. And the result of them all were always the same...his capture and steady beating till unconscious! 

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1447253