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by Emjay
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Comedy · #1447313
Parody of the movie, A Walk to Remember. 2006.
A Run to Forget

LANDON’S BUDDY:  Heh heh too bad that prank on a fellow high-school student went wrong and now you’re being punished with mandatory participation in various after-school activities, such as tutoring to younger disadvantaged children at the sister school and acting in the drama club's final production, the spring play.
LANDON: Damn, I know! AND they’re making me pay the pay-to-participate fees! It’d be cheaper just going to jail.
LANDON’S BUDDY: Heh heh yeah. Too bad the levy never passes.
LANDON: …That was weird.
LANDON’S BUDDY: Heh heh yeah.

[At the drama club’s final production, the spring play]

LANDON: Wow this is gay.
JAMIE: It’s not gay, it’s fine art!
LANDON: …fags
JAMIE: Your mentally subnormal insults to everything diverse and intellectual, just show what a closed-minded individual you are. You have no hope of a future, and will probably end up working as a janitor at some desolate, rural school that can’t pass their school levies.
JANITOR: Heyyy!!! You meanie-head, microwave-face!
LANDON: [Sigh] Yeah. I suck at memorizing too, wanna help me with the script?
JAMIE: Well ok. But only because I pity you so much, not cuz I think you’re hot or anything
LANDON: Ok cool
JAMIE: You know what sucks?
JAMIE: My mom’s dead
LANDON: That sucks

[At Jamie’s house]

JAMIE: Holy shitake mushrooms you’re a horrible memorizer! But you’ve got a fine ass.
LANDON: Yeah I know. Your boobs are pretty cool. You wanna go out?
JAMIE: Only if you promise not to fall in love with me.

[At school]

LANDON’S BUDDY: Haha you’re dating that freaky drama chick
LANDON: She’s not a freaky drama chick! Why can’t you just be pleasant and accepting for once!?
LANDON’S BUDDY: Cuz I said so
LANDON: Well, I suppose that makes sense
LANDON’S BUDDY: Yeah so you gonna dump the drama bitch soon
LANDON: No! [Hits his buddy]
LANDON’S BUDDY: Ow!!! Violence is NOT the answer!

[At Jamie’s house]

LANDON: Hey if you had terminal leukemia you’d tell me right?
JAMIE: Well…now I would! I have terminal leukemia
LANDON: That sucks
JAMIE: Yeah it does. Do you know what that means?
JAMIE: I’m gonna die
LANDON: That sucks. Like, a lot.
JAMIE: Yeah. There’s sum stuff I want before I die though. Here’s a list!
LANDON: Ok. [Reads list]
LANDON: Hey I have a telescope in my pocket! Here ya go! [Hands her telescope]
JAMIE: Oh that’s just a telescope? I thought…never mind
LANDON: Heehee
JAMIE: [dies]
LANDON: Oh shit she’s dead. This really sucks, like, a lot.
JAMIE: Just kidding. Let’s go get married

[At the chapel in which Jamie's dead mother got married]

JAMIE: Me too
REVEREND: I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride
[They kiss]
JAMIE: [dies]
LANDON: Haha very funny
LANDON: Oh no like something bad happened! You’re really dead! She’s really dead! This sucks.
LANDON’S BUDDY: At least you became a better person through Jamie’s memory, achieving the goals that you set out to do, like she did
LANDON: Yeah. Still sucks though.


*Mike Mikovick is a kid who went to my high school, who organized a commitee to help with its economic problems. This was originally written to entertain my friends, so inside-jokes made sense.
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