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An experience she will never forget...
The summer sun was glorious as Amanda sat around her private pool, she knew she knew it was time to get ready for work but the tall cool glass of sangria was tempting her far too much for her to move just yet. Sitting at the waters edge her tanned and slender legs sent ripples across its surface as she youthfully played with the water, Her confidence had grown beyond all expectations since leaving England and the nun to be she once was. After finishing her drink the lure of going to work finally won through, she did really enjoy her job, however, it came second to sitting by her pool in the sun.

Singing as she went, Amanda skipped into her bedroom to get dressed for work. Removing her bikini she caught a glimpse of herself naked in the full length bedroom mirrors, she stopped and stared for a second before a sparkle smiled in her eye. Eighteen months ago she felt awkward in her own skin with no clothes on, now she looked at herself and was truly content with what she saw and who she was. In the mirror she saw a stunning young woman looking back at her, her hair flowed and shone from the sun, her face was classically beautiful. Amanda touched her breasts with the palm of her hand, almost as if to check they were really hers. As her hand slid over her nipple she chuckled to herself from the warm feeling inside it gave her. It had taken a long time in her youth to realise that she really was the stunning perfect blond that every red blooded male wanted but she never knew it.

The last 18 months of working abroad had really brought Amanda out of her shell. She was loving her second season of in Magaluf, jobs had been easy to come by, bar work in a night life town for a stunning blond with a twinkle in her eye, very pert 38” DD cleavage and legs any alive guy would dream to be between made her very employable. Amanda's job was her favourite so far, she was a greeter on the street. Dressed in her best 'oh I’m so innocent come fuck me outfit' her job was to get guys into the club. 

As the weather was so warm Ananda went for an outfit which covered as little as possible. Today her choice had been fishnets, latex shorts and a daring leather bra top. Standing in front of the mirror Amanda looked herself up and down, she tried to imagine what the guys would think as they too looked her up and down, Amanda closed her eyes and let her mind wander into her imagination… As Amanda imagined being at work, she felt her pulse race and a knowing tingle in her belly grow and ripple through her body as her nipples appeared through her bra, Yes, she thought to herself I like the look too.

But, for all Amanda’s’ beauty and style, she was still alone in her life. Even though she had friends in her life it was a special guy in her life that she longed for, until now it had never seemed to happen.

Arriving at work she collected her share of the leaflets and went out onto the street. She had developed a rather unique was of getting a guys attention, she unsubtly slipped leaflets into their pocket as they passed her by whilst at the same time groping as much of their cock as she could. Some would back off in surprise whilst others would stop and snog her whilst returning the grope. Being touched so intimately and so consistently by so many guys always made her pussy wet and ache to be filled. Each night by the end of her shift she was desperate to get home and relieve herself, until now she had only ever gone home with soaking wet knickers and a very flushed face.

Flirting was not something that came naturally to Amanda. She'd moved from Sheffield on a whim in search of excitement as her plan to meet a man whilst working in Mc D's had failed. After seeing an advert in a bar saying 'work abroad and see the world' she decided this was her chance. At first she felt awkward, she had never even owned a short skirt let along flirted in one but she got by. Amanda wore a low cut top and pulled it really low so as to show off her big brown nipples capping her milky white mounds.  After being sacked from a few bars for not getting enough guys in Amanda had hit on her master plan. After much research she sexed up her outfit and decided she would go for what she longed most, to touch cock and have it respond to her.

Amanda had never had sex with a real cock before, she had masturbated many times using her own two handed dildo but having been educated in a convent her only experience of intimacy had been with girls. More times than she could remember she had flirted with and tasted her room mates pussy juice. Her friends had been her sole mates and lovers, the three shared many if their sexual encounters and multiple mutual orgasms. 

Amanda remember fondly their first amazing experience together, the three of them laid in a circle on the plush fur rug in front of an open fire and managed to light a fire within them that has never gone out. At first they just giggled and stroked each other, all three waiting for the others to be the first to touch anywhere more sensitive. Amanda dared first, she held out her hand and placed it gently on her friends breast, she felt encouraged as the nipple hardened against the palm of her hand. Gently, she traced a line down into the valley between her breasts before going south in a straight slow line. Leaning on her elbows she could feel the warmth from her friends pussy on her face, her fingers teased the finely trimmed hair that lay before her. The exquisite moans of pleasure coming from her friend encouraged her to trace a line down the front of her labia. As she reached her perineum, her finger suddenly slid inside. Almost in shock Amanda pulled away, but after a few seconds she giggled and leaning forward to part her lips and look closer. As she parted her lips a bead of juice ran from her opening, Amanda caught it on her finger and watched intensely by the other two girls slowly placed her finger in her mouth.

The feeling was electrifying, Amanda smiled at her friend and moved forward, she held back the hood of her clitoris and began to move her tongue over it whilst sliding a finger into her love hole. As she did, the other two girls plucked up the courage and joined in. The three of them spent the rest of the evening slurping and sucking their way to mutual multiple orgasms, all three had the most electrifying night of their lives. The three friends made a pack to forever be faithful to each other, but not a single real cock had been had by any of them, not until today. Amanda decided she was ready, today was to be her day to join the worlds fuck club.

Picking the right guys to get a reaction had become second nature, loose shorts, good looks and a smile.. John and Mike were 2 lads from her home town on holiday to have some fun. Amanda spotted them, always choosing guys she could imagine fucking made it easy to skilfully slid her hand into Mikes pocket, but, when she did this time she felt flesh instead of pocket. Her pulse raced and she froze for a second before realizing she had touched uncovered cock for the first time. 'I'd love to come in' mike said, 'but not if it means you letting go of my cock!' Amanda could feel the blood pumping into Mikes cock making it instantly harden in her hand, she took a chance and slid her hand onto mikes balls before fondling her way to the end of his seemingly endless cock. John broke the silence by moving behind her and releasing both nipples at the same time from their restraints, sucking each of them in turn. Amanda gripped hard on mikes cock as an orgasm came from no where and took over her body filling her whole world with ecstasy. Amanda could not resist the ache of her soaking wet pussy any more, taking the two guys inside she led them to the stage.

Party opening time was not for 30 minutes yet, she knew they were all alone. Amanda wrapped herself around the dancing pole and waved the guys closer, freeing her hand she stroked the front of mikes shorts to make sure his cock was still throbbing. Sliding down the pole she stuck out her bottom and rubbed the length of his cock back and forth over her womanly shape. As Amanda's knickers were soaking wet, the outline of her swollen clitoris and completely shaven pussy opening were clear for all to see through the thin latex as she gyrated and twirled around the pole on the stage. Both guys stood there with mouths open and bulges in their trousers, Amanda winked at them each time her face got closer and closer to them. Standing in front of John Amanda knelt down trying to guess where the end of his cock would be. Her aim was perfect as she blew hot air through the thin material of his shorts tight over his throbbing cock, leaving a lipstick mark where she had been she stood and asked them why they were still wearing so much.. John and Mike quickly obliged and stripped to reveal they had very hard ample cocks, one at a time was not an option, she wanted them both at the same time and now.

John moved towards Amanda, he gently guided both of her hands onto the pole above her head and whispered for her to hold it tight. Kissing down her body he removed her top, he expertly teased both nipples in turn with his tongue before moving down her body to peel away her shorts. John sucked Amanda's juices from her clitoris though her soaking wet knickers, a shiver of delight shot through her body as her touched her and continued to grow in intensity the more he sucked. Removing her knickers, john sat on the floor so her juices dripped into his mouth. He slid his tongue into her tight hole, a river of juices were released and ran down his chest. Grinning up at her he moved his tongue slowly across  Amanda's clitoris, as he did her legs just buckled from under her, she dropped to the floor instantly impaling herself on his waiting cock. Amanda screamed out like she had never screamed out before, god she loved real cock far more than her girlfriends strap on. The walls of her pussy throbbed as Johns cock throbbed against them, she wrapped her legs around him never wanting the sensation to stop.

John stood up with his cock still buried deep in Amanda, he tried to pump back and forth but the vice like grip of Amanda's pussy walls held him firmly inside. Mike was by now very eager to join in, he ran his hands over Amanda's sexy bottom and winked at John, John nodded and lifted Amanda higher to allow him to press the bulbous purple head of his cock against her anus. As the head of Mikes cock touched her moist and silky skin Amanda let out a whimper of delight,  she gripped John's shoulders harder pressed her arse hole hard against the end of his cock. With a squelch and squeal Amanda's arse swallowed up another throbbing cock, both of the guys could feel the others throbbing cocks inside of her body. Amanda was holding on for dear life pinned between their bodies praying the feeling would never stop.

Amanda couldn't help by cry out as orgasm after orgasm thundered through her body just from the pleasure of having both cocks in her. Still gripping john hard with her pussy muscles he slid out until only the throbbing head of his cock was still inside. Amanda tightened her legs around john forcing his prick hard back into her wetness making his balls swing up and slap against her thigh, doing this pulled her off mike until he too only had the throbbing end of his cock clamped inside of her heavenly body. Amanda gasped for breath as mike began to slam his cock in and out of her virgin behind, she held johns cock firmly inside by locking her legs around his waist. With each thrust Amanda groaned with delight, her juices covered everything, mikes body made a wonderfully satisfying slapping noise almost to mark the deepest penetration of his penis as it glided effortlessly in and out of her arse. As the strokes got quicker it was only seconds before the tightness of her cute rose bud arse made mikes cock twitch, his cock head grow and suddenly grabbing hold of a breast in each hand he was thrusting and pumping wave after wave of hot thick cum into her. Amanda pushed hard back against mike, then to john and then back to mike milking every last drop from him. Mike sat on the floor exhausted, but Amanda was no where near finished !

Holding on tight to John, Amanda raised and lowered herself onto his cock stroking her nipples over his face as she did. With every thrust down cum dripped from her bottom as Johns cock stretched her pussy walls wide forcing her juices to bubble out and drip from his balls. Amanda rippled her pussy walls forcing john ever deeper inside, but it didn't take long before he too lost control. Taking them both by surprise John came hard against the top of her pussy hole, the force made Amanda squealed with delight as she held on and rode him for all she was worth. John’s cum squirted out over her clitoris and onto the stage over and over again before they both sat against the pole with Johns cock still throbbing in her aching pussy.

After a few minutes of calming down Amanda realised her boss was standing in front of them, It was hard to deny what had just happened but she really didn't care. finally removing Johns cock from her sticky and dripping pussy she went to stand, but her legs went to jelly making her suddenly sit back on Johns lap so his cock ram back into her again giving her one wonderful last orgasm surrounded by everyone. A few moments later she finally stood to a round of applause, the bar had been filling around them but they had been too busy to notice. Needless to say, Amanda is no longer a greeter, she is now the star attraction with her very own famous nightly show. Amanda smiles a sweet smile to herself, after everything that has happened she is content with her life, it provides her well with a villa and her own private pool. But, best of all, next week her friends from the convent are coming visit for a few weeks, maybe she might be able to persuade them to stay !!!
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