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A response sonnet to Destiny's response to my sonnet
Glad it won't be me

I left you yesterday and don’t you know
By noon, you’d called and made a date with Steve.
That hypocrite! But I have got his dough,
And I’m more glad than ever I did leave.

I think you thought that I’d be boiling mad
At how you made me look the fool with him
But though I’m hiding it, I’m rather glad
That you’ve gone on to him with vengeful whim.

Your sad pathetic effort to make me
A jealous wreck will falter from the start
‘Cause who is laughing last we soon shall see
You might find out you’re not so very smart.

(A shame you don’t know Steve’s ex-wife Louise
She left when he gave her those STDs)

Written in response to "It's Probably You

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