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Disturbing Social Labour

                They are here. ******

                "I am not doing this."

                Do you want to be extinct? **

                "Maybe .. we could educate them? Ahm, You know
                a new religion with fireworks and flying lessons."

                Listen to me. You are going to mate with a monkey girl.

                "Pleeeeease! They're hairy and stink!"

                It won't work our bloodline is too thin. It must be direct contact. *

                Three monkey girls are sedated in the laboratory. Go there; now. *

                "Oh my. You shaved them?"

                Are they more acceptable? ***

                "Well, they do look more serpentine. For two hundred million years
                our kind ruled the world and now it's come to this... "

                Good. Now, we will release them to their tribe. *** **

                "They'll never amount to anything. I have a headache. Computer?
                give me some mice. I'm hungry."

                It's your sugar levels: have some plums and a banana. ***

              "Banana? Might as well I'm a monkey's uncle!"

              Reflections~Dinsaurs ruled the world for three hundred million years.
              That's enough time to evolve an intelligent reptilian race.

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