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final scene of the script i am writing. please comment?

Archie sits on a park bench watching the sun set over the river. Danny is seated beside him.

Danny:    Didn't think you were the "sunsets" kind of bloke.

Archie:    I've told you before. Beneath this strikingly handsome exterior is an   
              extremely sensitive guy. You should know that.

Danny:    Oh, I do. Extremely modest as well.

Archie:    Of course.

They both laugh. Allie walks up behind the two and puts her arms around Archie.

Allie:    Who were you talking to?

Archie looks at the space on the bench beside him. He sighs.

Archie:    No one...

Allie walks around to the front of the bench and crouches so that she is eye-to-eye with Archie.

Allie:    I don't really know how you feel right now, and I won't pretend to. But it will
            get easier with time.

Archie:    He told me he was going to be two hours down the road. Or...or a phone
              call away. What does he call this?

Allie doesn't answer but gives him a short kiss.

Allie:    We better go. it's about to start.

Archie stands up, taking a deep breath. The two walk away and we realise they are in a cemetery. A crowd of people are gathered around a coffin. Allie leads Archie to the front as the priest begins the ceremony.

Priest:    We are here to celebrate the life of Daniel O'Heare...

A smiling photo of Danny is on top of the coffin. Fade to black.   
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