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Leadership abilty.
              Yes! I am a man. I will be a leader and provider. This is a
              man's world: built by men and fought for by men. The fate
              of society rest firmly on my shoulders. I will descide what
              is to be done. The right man at the right time can change
              the course of history. That's me.

              I have taken control of my life and will seize any opportunity.
              I am a school bus driver. I am proud.

              The Sister's of Perpetual Chastity have hired me to drive
              their debutants to Camp Mud Pie. I am in control. The
              debutants are chatty and there is much laughter. I remain
              calm. I am their bus driver.

              Bam! Sputter! Flop, flop, flop! I have a flat tire. The debutants
              shriek as I struggle to steer the bus to side of the road.
              I stop the bus and go outside first; to inspect. Yes. I have a
              flat tire: front left.

              There are a dozen debutants exiting the bus. I tell them it
              will take a hour for me to change the tire. They are dissapointed.
              They want to walk to Camp Mud Pie. I am the leader and...
              explain that we are several miles from the camp. They want
              water and food. I take charge and offer them, Fleischmann's Vodka,
              PeachTree Schnapps and Vera Cruz Tequila with crackers and
              cheese. This is my dinner, but I am the care giver.

              In a short time they are all happy. I can concentrate on the work
              to be done. A man's job.

              The frivolity of the debutants is interfering with my work. They have
              thrown off their plaid skirts and pressed white blouses. It is chaos.
              I must take charge. I order them to go play in the woods. I have
              work to be done. They obey. I am the man.

              I smile. The Sister's will be pleased with my leadership abilities.
              I have successfully changed a tire. Now, it is time to gather up
              the debutants. I call into the woods, but there is no responce.
              I must begin a search.

              I discover a river. There are many bare foot prints on the bank.
              There are also boot prints. The foot prints lead to a mill. I can
              hear singing. The debutants have found a crew of lumber jacks.
              They are all drinking beer and eating sandwiches. It is time for
              an anouncement. I stand on a stump and shout to the debutants:
              "The tire is changed! It's time to go back to the bus!"

              There is laughter as two lumber jacks toss me into the river.
              I am calm and in control. The reasonable course of action is to
              take the bus to Camp Mud Pie. After explaining what had happenned
              to the camp leader Fr. Ducette, I am fired. I except this calmly like
              a man. ..

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