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Writer's Cramp entry: prompts: an elderly man, a chipmunk, a sandbox and a rubber band
Writer's Cramp Contest -- Prompts: rubberband, sandbox, chipmunk, elderly man


Chip Monk is an elderly man
An elderly man who plays in the sand;
Sandbox that is, not to mislead you --
And elderly, yes, is what I concede you.

Chip also plays with an awesome band;
A rubber band he keeps on hand,
To entertain his sandbox pals,
Delightful little boys and gals.

They so admire his charming antics.
Their parents though, succumb to panic;
Observing how he carries on--
“My God! He is an octogenarian!”

Dubbed at birth as Charles Monseur,
He changed his name at sixty-four.
Poor Charles, Chip said, no longer existed;
That pitiful fool who had life all twisted.

Always running to this or from that,
Grabbing his coat and donning his hat,
Regretting the past and fretting what’s yet,
Forgetting that life was in the moment.

Once transformed from Charles to Chip
"Monsuer" to "Monk" was just a short trip.
He had lost his Mind by letting go,
Of  things considered apropos.

If you could see Chip doing his thing,
You just might think him quite insane.
This to him would be no bother,
He has no use for what is proper.

He freely admits his mind has scattered;
Says he "let it go for things that mattered".
The joy of his heart is all he’s after,
So he only does what brings him laughter.

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