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The addiction of a geek.

Do I have an addiction?
OK, I have got one.
It is the internet which
Gives both knowledge and fun.

Agreed it’s an addiction,
I can’t do without it.
But of this addiction I
Am not ashamed a bit.

Without the internet I
Would not be writing this.
To read me without e-mail,
Impossible it is.

I do spend late hours in night,
Surfing and e-mailing.
But I don’t think of that as
Too much of a failing.

So I admit that I have
Internet addiction.
But this addiction won’t cause
Mental dereliction.

* Written in abcb, 7-6-7-6 format.

* Initially written as entry 465137 in the book MISCELLANEA , "MISCELLANEA. Posted as the present static item on 11 July 2008.

M C Gupta
29 October 2006
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