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An invocation for the soldiers’ march.

All have to kiss the damsel of death once
And such kiss shall never be repeated.
Why wait for that nectar kiss till you’re old?
The purpose then would have been defeated.

Rise, move and march, O young men of brave heart.
Your nation yearns for your valour today.
Gun in one hand, the flag in the other
Go right in the midst of the battle fray.

You were nurtured for this very moment,
The moment when your steel would be tested.
Go, fill the enemy’s heart with terror.
You’re with American freedom vested.

Go, aim high with your gun and hold your sword.
Go for the sake of freedom in the world.

• Written as a 14 line , abcb verse in pentameter comprising of three quatrains ending with a rhyming couplet.

• *Written for the “Bronxbishop's Variety CONTEST”, "Invalid Item, Round 1, hosted by bronxbishop.

M C Gupta
12 July 2008
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