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All come and go empty handed. The greatness is illusory, even for Alexander.

He, “Alexander the Great”!
Pray, what was his greatness?
He attacked, killed and plundered,
Brought destruction, darkness.

Not satisfied with power
And the world’s best pleasures
He sought to conquer the world
And increase his treasures.

Thus, he came to India
Coveting its rich gold.
But then quite a new chapter
In his life did unfold.

The Indian exposure
Taught him the message true:
The purely material
One ought not to pursue.

This probably made him tell
His bedside attendants:
‘I now think that vain have been
All my accomplishments’.

Dying at thirty three, this
Perception came to him,
That the bid to conquer the
World was a useless whim.

It is said that as he died,
He made three last wishes.
First, his physicians alone
Shall bear the coffin his.

Second, the path to the grave
Be stewed with gold, jewels
That he had amassed during
His battles and duels.

Third, he came empty handed,
Empty handed did go.
Hands placed outside the coffin,
Let this emptiness show”.

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M C Gupta
13 July 2008
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