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Taylor's life is a living hell. Ryan's life is paradise. Can they find a gray area?
1. Taylor

Taylor's mind struggled to keep up with her rash mouth as it formed words dripping with guilt, sarcasm, and hate. No matter how angry she became, she never surrendered to primitive acts such as violence. Taylor had a few shreds of dignity and respect left for her parents. Those few shreds removed the urge to strike them. Instead, her fists were pulled tight as she paced around the room.

" Why didn't you call the ambulance sooner?!" Taylor fumed, her ebony locks flowing in front of her emerald eyes.  Her parents, Jane and Thomas, both opened their mouths to speak but quickly closed them. They actually didn't have an explanation that would satisfy thier daughter's raging temper. Thomas firmly held onto his  wife as she strained to make silent tears.

"  You didn't answer me!" she screamed stopping a few chairs from her idiot parents.

" Yelling isn't going to get you any further than you are now, so stop it. Your mother is already stressed out enough!" Thomas spat at his daughter before turning his attention back to his unstable wife. Jane wiped invisible tears  with the edge of her sleeve before continueing with her hysterical sobs.

"She's stressed! It has always been about her  hasn't it? And she isn't my mom!" Jane looked up. For the briefest moment, her eyes portrayed the evil that was only reserved for Rachel and herself. Of course only Taylor spotted this. Thomas was fooled by her fake tears.

She hated how he had forced her and Rachel to call Jane 'mom'. (She relinquished the title shortly after it was proposed.) and how Jane always seemed to be near whenever Thomas would pull out his wallet. Ever since Laura, their biological mother and Thomas' first wife, died of a brain tumor four years ago they were treated worse than the cats.

Thomas gave a scowl after hearing the sentance. He had just about had it with Taylor's attitude. Jane was, as far as he was concerned, thier mother and Taylor had to get used to it. Jane wasn't the only woman in his life and he made a concious effort to keep it in mind. The thought of losing one of his twins knocked the wind out of him. Rachel was the only thing that physically reminded him of Laura. He had Taylor for the personality.

" Taylor Alexis Hayden, if you don't park your ass in that chair within the next five seconds... so help me I'll give you exactly what you damn well deserve!"

Taylor froze.

Never had her father addressed her with anger of such amplitude. For the first time, she saw the anger in his eyes mirror the degree of evil in Jane's. She had a small smirk on her over-painted cherry lips after hearing her husband's reply. Taylor sat down at her father's tone. Dad never cussed she thought. Mr. Hayden took a few deep breaths to calm himself before speaking again.

" Now be quiet while we wait for Rachel's test results." he ordered with a little less venom.

A few hours of distant silence followed. Taylor had enough time now to produce real tears. Not the synthetic imitations that were dripping from Jane's cheeks. Taylor was scared.
Rachel wasn't just her sister, she was her best friend. Plus if she died her powers would surely be weakened. Twin Telepathy was supposed to be a myth, but now she could feel Rachel's fear, probably because of it's potentcy.
" Hayden." a woman wearing a dingy white lab coat called a little louder than neccesary. At three in the morning, the waiting room was pretty much empty. The only company they had was an elderly man that looked like he couldn't even remember where he was. His snors echoed throughout the small room.
" What did the tests reveal?" Taylor asked desperately, cutting the woman off before she had a chance to introduce herself fully. She didn't really care what the woman's name was. The doctor paused for a few seconds.
" Miss Hayden has suffered through a severe heart attack. Her blood cells clotted all around her heart. Did she have any allergies?" the doctor asked gravely.
" Strawberries. She is allergic to strawberries." Taylor reminded herself more than anyone else. The seeds in them altered her blood pressure as well.
" Did she consume any within the last 48 hours?" the doctor asked a little alarmed.
" No... wait, she did have a bite of Jane's cake yesterday." Taylor said her anger spiking again.
Jane had made a strawberry cake for dessert last night with strawberry icing. She knew that they were allergic, but she said ' it wouldn't kill them' and began a rant on how she was doing them a nice favor. They had refused, but she insisted on both of them having at least one slice.  Just to shut her up, Rachel ate a slice. She seemed fine so she didn't bother to take any medicine.
" Well that explains why her blood count is so high." the doctor said while scribbiling 'strawberries' on her clipboard.
" I'm so sorry, Tom! I should have put the cake up for you and me. " Jane said showing fake sympathy. Her eyes still had the same evil.
" Oh, shut up! Will she be ok?" Taylor yelled at Jane before turning to the doctor.
" She now has a serious heart condition and has entered into a coma. We have put her on life support for now." the doctor continued. At this news, Taylor nearly threw herself at Jane. Thomas was nearly thrown backwards with the effort of suddenly having to restrain his daughter.
" This is all your fault! I hate you!" Taylor screamed at Jane. For once, the smirk was wiped from her face and replaced with fear. Taylor continued to struggle to land one of her infamous right hooks on the side of her face.
" Taylor! Stop it!" Thomas yelled while taking a few jabs himself from her elbows.
He had never known her to fight anyone. Although she had a black belt, she never started anything herself. He feared for his wife's saftey more than anything, at that moment. Jane fell back in pain as Taylor's fist smacked the side of her face... hard.
" What the hell is wrong with you?" Jane asked as real tears jerked from her eyes. Thomas still struggled to stop his daughter from pouncing on her.
" Let me go! She needs someone to kick her ass!" Taylor screamed while landing a kick to her leg.
The doctor called frantically to a few of the hospital police for help. Within minutes, Taylor was in handcuffs for everyone's saftey between two guards. They firmly gripped her shoulders and waited for the signal to take her to the police station. She shot daggers at everyone while Thomas and the doctor went over medical terms. Jane made sure to stay to her husband's right.
" So you don't want to continue the life support? There is still a 7% chance she will live." the doctor asked in shock.
" No. You can cut her off after tomorrow afternoon." Thomas answered in defeat.
" What? Your gonna let her die!" Taylor demanded struggling in her firm handcuffs, tears escaping from her lilly pad eyes.
" She's already gone." Thomas whispered.
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