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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Adult · #1451243
Kathy's cheating with a man but she didn't count how she'll be cheating herself.

Looking around the parking lot, I thought to myself what am I doing here? As I touch the back of my neck, chills ran through my body, me not knowing if it was from my thoughts, or the slight chill that was in the air. I look in the rearview mirror and finally the car pulled up behind me, a row across from where I was parked. Just like clockwork. He got out of his gunmetal Infiniti and walk up to my car, his slacks fitting him right in all of the precise places, a mock turtleneck, that grace his broad shoulders. He strutted over to my car and bent down to look at me from my driver seat. I motion my head, ordering him to come over to the passenger seat. Once he slid in, I start the car up and we drove off in the night, leaving whatever state of mind I had behind me in that parking lot.

Before the Lies

“Hey girl, what’s going on,” Natasha asked me as she plopped in the seat beside me. Trying to focus on her took more effort than I cared for some reason I was fixated on what was going on outside of our booth. “Nothing, girl just waiting on your slow self” making fun of her. The funny thing is Natasha will probably late to her own own funeral, she was never on time. Natasha looked at me and rolled her eyes “Well I’m sorry I don’t call my own shots. I have things to do, kids to pick up, and carry here and there. Kat, oh my gosh, I am not a mommy anymore I have transform and became a chauffeur how did that ever occur”. Laughing at the joke, she thought it was so hilarious. I often wonder how Natasha and I became friends. Thinking back it was because of stupid little Tommy Jones back in middle school joking on us and call us the tell -tale twins Nat and Kat. He had everybody singing that dumb song, since then we've been inseparable and trouble ever since.

Natasha was such a wholesome fun person even when life is weighing her down she's always in good-spirits. I always been the opposite of her, she brought the best out in me. I guess you could say I am misunderstood, I’m often quiet, and some may say that I am even pessimistic, whatever that suppose to mean. It just takes me awhile to warm up to people. Natasha was petite with a very shapely body while I was tall, some would even say slinky. Natasha was a big family person with a husband and three kids, while I have my fiancé Greg and no kids at all. Natasha looked at me from across the table and tapped me. The only word she could say was "Look" and that barely got out. It was too late I was watching long before she could even say anything. As I look out the window there was gunmetal Infiniti, that pulled up to the curb and a caramel complexion brother step out of the car and walk into the coffee shop only feet from where we were sitting. He was so handsome I couldn’t do anything but stare at him, and as I glance around the coffee shop I notice that I wasn't the only one looking, Natasha mouth was so wide, I could see that she was salivating all over herself as if she wasn't married. He walked in to the shop he looked around the shop before his sight land on me. Standing in the middle of the floor, looking at me as if I was the only person he seen, he smiled and waved. I felt so embarrass that I could only smile back and turn around in my seat. Natasha went berserk “Girl he is so cute and he smiled and waved at you. Do you know him from work or something?” she squealed. “If I was a husband, and three kids short, I’ll be all on that like white on rice”. Shaking my head back and forth "No I don't know him, maybe he just is friendly', I just smiled at her not wanting to admit that I would be all over him too. But there's was nothing holding me back from talking to him, but I couldn't move. I mean technically I am engaged to Greg but our relationship has been put on hold, the marriage has a stop sign in the middle of our road and it is starting to turn into a fork. He walks into the little shop, and towered over the counter grabbing one of the menus. He was very sexy from his broad shoulders to his big hands. At the same time I and Natasha notice the ring on his finger. I couldn't do anything but shake my head, damn they all are married now, and at least the cute ones are. There are just so many deadbeats after deadbeats now; I had to change my number three times in a year when I was dating, just because the weirdoes couldn't take a hint. I peered over at him over the top of my glass; I got to admit honey got style. Clean-shaved bald head with a nice goatee that match with it well, he definitely had a very athletic built body, I could see his muscles rippling through his button up shirt. I sighed and Natasha peered across the table to me, as if to know what I was thinking. "Its ok girl he is not that fine, besides if you and Greg ever set a date you can have someone you can call all yours too". I smiled back at her way of trying to smooth my despair. Even though I know she's my friend and has to say things like that I could only wish, as I look back at the counter as he was smiling and asking the waitress for a glass of water. But secretly I don't think Greg and I will go in further than where we are now. I mean Greg is great, very supportive, nurturer but I just felt as if he wasn't the right one for me. At least no one I can say for sure is mine and I am his. The meal was uncomfortable after the tall mysterious man came in, it was almost impossible to eat, neither our food nor the rest of our stay was pleasant afterwards. Natasha took a look at the clock on the wall and gasped "Girl I have to go and pick Casey up from band practice". I look down at my plate and realize I haven't taken two bites, while her plate was clear with an empty cup to go along with it. I shrug my shoulders to say "Go ahead girl, I'll be okay, and I just want to finish my plate first". As she got up she looks down and said "Are you sure I hate to leave you alone". I nodded my head to assure her that I would be fine in the booth by myself. Bending down she gave me a hug, and look back at the counter "It’s still a shame, though". I laughed at her as she hustles her way out of the door.

Looking out the window I could see that the trees were starting to shake the leaves off and although the clock says 4:00 it looked as if it was night already. Gusts of wind blew trash and leaves through the parking lot and while the quaint little shop would usually be booming and loud around this time, it had slowed down and there were only a few cars left in the parking lot, including mine and the man with the Infiniti. Shaking my head to erase my thoughts away I looked down at my plate and realize I was only fooling me. I wasn't going to eat anything else. Before I could call the waitress over, the man with the bald-head sat down across from me. I gushed at the thought of him sitting with me. I couldn't imagine what he could possibly want to sit down with me for. He reach his hand out towards me and I have to admit I was slightly taken aback I did the same and he announce his name as Devin. I smiled back "My name is Kathy, how are you".  Lightening crack across the sky in a glow and the rain came pouring down. I cuss for being so careless not to bring an umbrella inside or not even looking at the weather report today before I left to go to work. It seems as if he knew exactly what I was thinking as well. He looked around and didn't see another car in the lot besides ours. He calls the waitress over to get the empty plates, I couldn't help but look at his strong hands, but there it goes again. The ring, it shines at me as to say "Girl you know you aren’t right, you starting to flirt with danger". Taking his hand and reaching into his pocket he pulled his cash out to pay. I shook my head to clear my thoughts to shake out how fine he was. "No, I can't let you pay, it’s unfair" hurrying trying to reach for my pocketbook. The waitress shook her head waiting impatiently as I scrambled for my wallet. He smiled at her and told her thank you that the bill will be taken care of. She smiled and walked off to cash us out at the little rinky dink counter. He grabbed my hand and look in my eyes and I could feel my heart beating in the palms of my hands. "I really enjoyed your company; hopefully I didn't hold you too long. Maybe we should do it again" he smiled, with a look I can't describe in his eyes but I long to be look at by Greg. Looking into his eyes I yearn for this man in my loins, to subdue a flame, a passion that was building up inside of me.

I smiled and slowly move my hands away from him feeling cold instantly as they touch the table. "Well Kathy it was very nice meeting you. Hopefully, and I do mean hopefully we can get up again, here this is my business card and my cell phone number is on the back". He took his hand and reaches under the table and grabs his umbrella "I'll walk you out". I nod blushing that he was such a gentleman the closest thing to a gentleman for Greg was pulling the car up to the door. Trying not comparing them but I already a sucker for Greg. He was just too sexy, a real handful, a problem that I didn't need in my life. Walking side by side to leave out the shop I could see the waitress giving me a smirk, I ignore her, broads are always hating.  Opening the umbrella I stepped underneath and he held it over top of our heads to shelter us from the weather. Grabbing my keys out of my jacket I unlock the door. He back me against the car, peering at me "I know I may be wrong for this but I can't help myself" dropping the umbrella, grabbing me by my waist he start to kiss me, and pulling his groin into mine. I could feel him, and yearn to have him. The heat that radiated through us, making me tingles all over. I damn near faint, it just felt so good for a man to take charge and I lost all control. I kissed him back and next thing I know, he was lifting my skirt up, caressing my legs, and touching what was forbidden to him. I couldn't help it, I didn't want to, "hmm" I sighed deeply hoping that this wasn't a dream, but it just felt too good to stop it. I was reaching for him, tugging and pulling him toward me. Grasping for his manhood, it throbbed in my hand eager to please me. He let out a throaty moan and said my name as his hands tugged at my hair. Parting my legs as if it was the red sea he entered and I almost lost my mind. I swear I had and orgasm right there. It was so powerful, it was so... so... good! Damn I never experienced anything like this before he just knew how to touch me, it was just different. Whispering in my ear as he pulled my leg around his waist, he whispered what every female like to hear "Damn, you are so wet; this shit is so tight Kathy". We both climax.

I can't believe I just fuck this stranger on the side of a car. What the fuck is wrong with me? What did I do? Thinking of Greg just hurt me more, I really care deeply for him, but then why am I here like some teenage kid? I mutter something and jump in the car and left all the way home all I could do was think of how I could just have fuck up a good thing. I was so careless I did it right there outside. But I couldn't help to think I wish Greg would be more spontaneous. I race home but my thoughts were chasing me and the way things look they may have won.

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