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Missreading reality

          I am at peace with myself. I am willing to face my death, because
          every night when I sleep I walk with death. The dream is not my
          own. I killed myself and let sleep take me.

          The world is not mine to control. There are forces in motion,
          which are beyond the control of anyone. A genuinely sane
          individual is delusional. They construct fantastic ideas about
          efficient concepts and functional value judgements. But,
          culture is ephemeral, leaving no permanent pattern.

          Inside the woman is the paradox: between structure and chaos.
          Neurosis is a necessity for feminity. We are social animals, but
          the woman must carry the burden of childbirth. She must be
          seductive and prudent in a society driven by selfishness.

          Our universe is ordered by orbits. The greatest of these is our
          Milkyway, which spins on the edge of a blackhole. This vortex
          nullifies all material and will erase our greatest achievements.
          It is celestial machanics for nihilist. Neurosis is an essential
          consequence of a throw away culture.+

          Sweet dreams are made of these.

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