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A follow up to Carrie's Confessions, Vol. 1. Will Carrie find Lola?
I raced out the door after mom left. I was scared for my life. When I got out the door, I couldn't see her anywhere. I called her name. I ran down the street as fast as I could. I asked everyone I saw if they I had seen her. And then I ran into the Fifth Avenue traffic, and I began to cry at the thought of my Sex and the City loving cat being squished by the city. But I could not give up.
So I ran down Fifth Avenue for 20 blocks, hoping to find her. I thought that maybe someone would have picked her up. I hoped that someone had picked her up and seen her collar. I was running, hoping for the best, when I saw a puddle of mud, followed by pawprints.
I followed them until they ran out. And then, I was outside of Bloomingdale's. It was cold and dark. And I went home, scared and upset.
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