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Is a GPS worth the money?
I recently bought a GPS. The model is a Garmin Nuvi 300 series.

I should note first of all that this model has been out for over a year now. I think Garmin is into the 700 series by now. The reason I point this out is that I was able to get a great deal simply because it had been superseded by something with an extra bell or whistle.

A guy in my office is an early adapter. That means he buys gizmos as soon as they come out. He is my test platform.

He finally convinced me to get a GPS.

What I like about it:
I paid less than $200 for it and the price is dropping daily.
Software is Key. I can find anything, a street, a business or entertainment. I don't need a high end GPS for this. I think that most GPS's can do this but I like Garmin because it is an established brand.
My GPS is small so I can travel with it easily.
I am surprised almost daily how handy it is. I have had it a month and I don't know how I got by without it. I need copies....it tells me where to go...I want steak....it tells me where to go.

Features I think are key
1. Voice activation. My GPS does not have this so I have to pull over to use it.
2. GPS should talk to you. These things are small and you don't want to have to shift your sight to them constantly. They should tell you when to turn etc.
3. A big enough screen so you can enter data with fat fingers. My screen is small so I often push the wrong key when entering an address.
4. The GPS should allow you to go from city to city. My GPS makes me put in an actual street address. If I simply want to go to a city, I make up an address so it will complete its mandatory data collection.

I have a problem in that when I rent a car, it is usually in a garage with no GPS signal. I have to pull out of the garage and then tell it to look for satellites. This means I have to have a good idea of where I am heading for at least 3-5 minutes until the GPS locks in and starts helping out.

Thanks for reading my review.
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