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A very early organization of what might one day be a script for a Superman Returns sequel.
Basic Idea so far: Takes place around 5 years after Superman Returns. Superman/Clark is fully settled back into his life as both a star reporter (and rival to Lois Lane) and the savior of Metropolis. All of the usual players are there: Lois, Jimmy, Perry White. Lex Luthor is in prison thanks to Superman who found Lex and Kitty on the island. He has been locked up ever since. The main threat occurs when astronauts return from what the Daily Planet has dubbed "New Krypton" (the continent hurled into space by Superman in SR). It has settled into orbit around Jupiter. The astronauts return with a load of samples, immediately taken to Cadmus Labs for study. Lois and Richard arrive at Cadmus for the a press conference given by Dabney Donovan who believes the Kryptonian technology within the crystals could lead to cures for the world's major diseases. Against Lois' objections, Richard decides to take a piece of New Krypton as a gift for their son Jason (who is really Superman's son). Unknown to Richard, however, is the fact that the sample contains traces of a highly advanced and intelligent Kryptonian computer called the BRAIN InterActive Construct or Brainiac. These traces find their way into Richard's body and Richard begins to exhibit uncharacteristic behavior. Worried, Lois consults with Superman who agrees to help. However, as soon as Richard is in Superman's presence, he attacks with strength and speed rivaling Superman's own. As his energy quickly drains, Braniac attempts to posses Superman's body as it will provide an ample supply of energy. After failing this initial attempt, Brainiac escapes and begins a murderous spree, draining citizens of Metropolis of their energy.

Meanwhile, the sample of New Krypton that Richard gave to Jason as a gift has an adverse effect. It is revealed that Jason's powers are amplified by Kryptonite, the opposite effect as it has on his father. Upon holding the shard in his hands, he absorbs the kryptonite within and it overloads his body with power. The power he receives causes him to grow disfigured and his brain is ravaged by the kryptonite radiation. He becomes insane and begins to imitate Superman...only his "heroic" deeds are putting the city in extreme danger!
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