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a story of a dream
I awoke this morning so relaxed, so calm. All my worries seem to have dissipated. Life seemed grand. It felt as if it was worth living again.
I felt no longer like the weight of the world was nestled on my shoulders as though it was right where it belonged. It felt good.
I let out a soothing sigh of relief as i stretched out my feet pulling my comforter off of my, body exposing my naked chest to my room.
There it was again the sound that originally awakened me from my dream. I pull the curtain to the right exposing my backyard but before i can react the face of a racoon sitting on my ledge jumps more startled then i could ever be.
So relaxed I let out a giggle at him as he scurries away.
I sit up in my bed check the time on my radio. 6.00 am on the dot. I reach towards the heavens(which would only be my roof) stretching my muscles into conformity letting them know its time for me to arise.
I begin to recolate the dream that just opened my eyes and allowed me a feeling of peace.
A feeling i haven't felt in many ages a feeling i thought that was all but a dream. A sense of peace washes over me. I remember you (or someone very similar to you) but you don't appear till later in my dream.
I was sitting on my couch in the living room. But it was barren of stuff.
no tv's no surrounded sounds no nothing.
My couch positioned facing the window of my house walls painted white with an oak hard wood floor. I was looking out the window which revealed to me only darkness. I stared and gawked at the window as I noticed something, something began to form.
A storm started to brew. No natural storm. But a vicious cyclone tearing and clawing at my windows. Branches cars all flew by my window like toys of a furious child throwing a temper tantrum that couldn't get his way.
I noticed people fly by my window people that weren't so lucky to get indoors.
At a closer glance I noticed something odd, it was the same people over and over, even more odd it was only people that i knew, family friends loved ones that had past and of course parents.
I proceeded to remove myself from the couch, standing up and with all worries and fears placed aside I move one foot forward. It took all my will and all my courage to move closer and closer to the window.
Still holding up to the storm the windows vibrated with agony from the onslaught of the wind and rain pounding it into oblivion. Yet i still moved closer and close until finally the edge of my nose pressed up to the window pain.
The vibrations of the storm against the window vibrate on my nose sending a recoil of shivers from my nose to the tip of my toes.
Then it struck me the people being flung in circles by the storm where not afraid of it at all in fact the expressions on their faces wasn't fear at all.
I squinted for a better view, I realized they were in pain. Their pain which was caused or came from me. Their disappointments their bitter intents, their dislike of me, their jelousy all resonated threw the storm.
Their hate and fears just fuelling the storm, their utter despise of me their disappointments echoningin in my ears the howling wind now manifests into what i didn't want to hear, It was their cries.
Suddenly the window shatters all around me with a fierceness that felt as if it would tear my skin clean off of my face. I stumble backwards now as the voices become screams, screams of hate and anguish tearing at my eardrums unbearable. I collapse to the ground throw my hands over my ears trying to protect my sanity my life.
With my last bit of sanity I muster up all the strength left available to me the last shred of courage the last bit of my life. I muster up a fierce scream. Help i scream. Nothing changes.
I sit there shivering and cowering no strength to even lift my hands to my ears.
no energy to think no power to defend myself form the onslaught. I lie there. I open my eyes to watch the final blow colopse upon me, I've accepted my fate adn wate.
Thats when things changed, out of the corner of my eye to the left i see you.
I don't remember much after that just a sense of ...... peace.
I remember afterwards I was on my bed with no clue how i got there and you lying next to me.your head on my chest your arm stretched around me, embracning me.
I put my hand on your head.gently patting it. my breathing slowed next to nothong my heart that beat from a frantic 90 miles a min now gently paces itslef like a turtle on a beach gently aproaching its destination to the closest rock where it can bake for a while in the warm sun.
the horrors that just passed now a distnat memory as time slows to a crawl.
time gone and no need for anything I awake to a thump.

(Did my best for grammer and spelling, hopefully its improved from the last story that I wrote. By all means please point out any gramatical errors or spelling you may find. I'm doing my best to improve on all levels.)
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