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"Golden Meadow"   by destinydances

The vibrant, vast, and quiet sky of blue
And cool spring grass beneath our traveled feet
Are always present when I am with you,
Embrace us always every time we meet.

The golden sunlight casts you in its glow.
As I approach I feel you come aware.
You turn your head and look at me just so
Exalting in the moments that we share.

So warm the rush of peace that flows through me.
Such love I see illuminate your face.
I feel the soul within me that you see
And feel total surrender to your grace.

Our minds no longer wonder "when again?"
Our union knows that we have always been.

"Invalid Item"   by A Guest Visitor

I am totally wasted by your lines
A heap of pure emotion in my chair
You lift me from my humble heart’s confines
My ardent angel, beautiful and fair

The vibrant, vast, and quiet place we dwell
Where we have met ten thousand times before
Is still to me a new and peaceful knell
Each time I’m here and knocking on your door

If I could search the endless reach of time
And sojourn in the distant bounds of earth
If I could travel on the wings of rhyme
And feel my greatest passions giving birth

There’s nothing more eternal I could do
Than spend this precious moment here with you

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