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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Action/Adventure · #1453197
A little something I worked on to make a movie which some friends.
(It’s been 2 years since the police force implemented the S.U.R.F. Special Unarmed Reasoning Force. Since the cases of the shooting unarmed civilians, police units train individuals in close combat, disabling defenders without the use of guns. Yeah…… That was S.U.R.F “Be Effective Effectively.” The motto of S.U.R.F. Funny how things change.)
Scene 1
(Enter David Smith, Enter Victor Trent)

David: Victor I see you’re new to this as well I so let’s get through this together. Ya Know.
Victor: (Rummages through some papers) Yeah I know what you mean. My first day at the job. Why they put a newbie with a newbie beyond me.
David: Must be because we excel in our classes. What did you get on the P.T?
Victor: 98%
David: Impressive. 94% for me.
Victor: Well maybe that is it.
David: Well guess we will see how it goes, ya know.
(Enter Janice)
Janice: David, Victor…..Your first assignment.
David: I wanted see what this. (He takes the paper.) A bounty?
Victor: I expected just a routine walk around.
David: Exciting… Well let get this done.
Janice: Bounties usually require a lot of force but this guy prefers a more physical approach. My boss says use you two to bring him in. Plain and simple.
David: What’s his name (Victor searches through the papers.)
Victor: Its says here Travis Jenkins 6’1 220. African American Male.
David: Sounds big. (He stands and walks toward Janice.) Well I’m ready. (He grabs his jacket.)
Victor: Pretty anxious.
David: It’s my first day.
Victor: Its mine as well.
David: Well then walk faster. Ya Know
Victor: Rushing is bad for you. (He grabs his coat.) Alright Janice we are leaving. (David rushes and he accidentally bumps her and her papers fall out. Victor rolls his eyes and walks out.)
David: I’m sorry. (He bends down and picks up one. He notices a picture hanging out.) Who is this? It says Rogue Bounty. (He hands her the papers.)
Janice: No need to worry about him. Focus on your assignment. (He shrugs his shoulders and leaves. He meets Victor outside.)
David: No weapons?
Victor: Yeah, Unarmed combat.
David: Man what if I get shot at.
Victor: Well I don’t know…Duck. I’m sure you knew what was going on when you join this division.
David: Yea, but I just wanted the training.
Victor: So you wanted training?
David: Well I grew up on what I like to call tough love. Ya Know. (Victor chuckles)
Victor: Tough love.
David: Something like that. Plus I love the rush I get when I fight I figure this is easy way to immerse myself in it.
Victor: That’s pretty crazy.
David: Yea I guess but that’s just me. Ya Know. I am pretty….Well I was pretty undisciplined.
Victor: So you’re good now.
David: Something like that, we should spar one day. It will be fun. Ya Know
Victor: Yea, A little friendly compition.
David: So how long have you been in the program?
Victor: A year and some change.
David: Longer than me.
Victor: How long for you?
David: About 8 months.
Victor: 8 months….
David: Yea….Let me ask you something.
Victor: About What?
David: I saw this picture, Janice said he was nothing to worry about but it said rogue bounty.
Victor: Well, there was this one guy. In the beginning of my training. But he disappeared.
David: Oh interesting.
End of Scene 1

Scene 2

(Enter Victor and David)
(Cell Phone Rings)

Victor: Yea
Janice: Travis has been spotted in Prospect Park.
Victor: David and I are in area.
Janice: Good bring him in. (They both hang up)
Victor: Our criminal is in the vicinity, Prospect Park
David: Good, We are right here already.
Victor: How convenient.
David: I’d say its destiny, ya know (They walk into the park to see nothing but still continue to search.)
Victor: She did say “has been”
David: Damn…. (He shrugs, then someone grabs him front the back.
?????: Who ya looking for. Travis??
Victor: We just want to take you in for some questioning. (He lets go and pushes him to the floor.)
David: Punk…. (He stands up; Travis stands in his fighting stance.)
Victor: They did say you like to fight.
Travis: They?! (He laughs to himself David starts to rush but Victor stops him.)
Victor: I will handle this.

(They both fight) Victor gains the upper hand and knocks him to the floor. They are both tired.

Travis: Damn you’re good. When did the police get some style? (He stands up) Well he did tell me ya will be a challenge. (He bows) I will see you cops later. (He begins to run and David follows him. They chase each other. Travis stops so does David.) Fast too interesting.
????: I will expect them to be. (A man steps from the shadows of the wooded area.)
David: You’re that guy… (Flash back to him dropping the papers.) That Rogue bounty.
????: Rogue bounty. (He walks up to David.) You want to take me in? (David starts to lift his hand; the man hits him in the throat and knocks him to the floor.) Pretty sloppy. Travis lets go I have what I wanted. (They both leave and Victor arrives shortly after.
Victor: David!! Where are you?!? David!!
David: Right here… (He clears his throat.)
Victor: What happened??
David: He got away….
End of Scene 2

Scene 3

(Enter ???? and Travis)

????: What exactly is the academy doing? Those two are there top graduates?
Travis: They were decent.
????: Decent…Decent is what?? Must be suburb.
Travis: You were. What happening with you?
????: My sense of justice…

Lt. Davis: This course is to teach you to disarm your foe without the use of weapons. “Be Effective Effectively.” (He walks and points to “?”.) You, Why you here?
????: My own justice.
Lt. Davis: Interesting. Stand up. (He stands) Can you disarm me? (He pulls out his nightstick.) Don’t be intimated by weapons. They are no more then an extension of a person’s body. (He jumps forward and Lt. Davis knocks him down.) You are not thinking. (He picks him up) Here take it try to hit me. (He hands “?” the weapon) Now come at me. (He tries to, Lt. Davis unarms him.) This training will be an extension of you. It is your weapon. Stand up and try again. (“?” stands and throws Lt. Davis the weapon.)
????: I will disarm you.
Lt. Davis: Fine go ahead. (“?” successful disarms him. But continues to attack him.) What are you doing? (They begin to fight. “?” constantly receives the upper hand. Lt. Davis knocks him to the ground narrowly missing a fatal blow.) This isn’t to kill your opponent.
????: Death is justice , Justice is death.
Lt. Davis: This course will teach you otherwise.
????: What I know is justice. (Little clips of him getting beat up.)
Lt. Davis: Your justice is blind. Open your eyes.
????:My eyes where open from the start. (He stands in his fighting stance.)
Lt. Davis: Why do you want to fight so passionately?
????: It is what I know. It is my justice.
Lt. Davis: You say justice but all I hear is revenge, revenge for what?
????: All those people can’t defend themselves. (He throws a punch, Lt. Davis blocks and throws him on the floor.
Lt. Davis: Look at these students if that is your logic then they will surpass you. No matter how excellent your fighting ability. By there defeat is your fate. (“?” stands up.)
????: We will see. (He leaves)
End of Flashback

Travis: He told you they will be better, so you expect better; understandable.
????: If this is what they have to offer then it shall be easy.
Travis: Where is the fun in that?
????: After those two that smug bastard Lt. Davis is next.

End of Scene 3

Scene 4

(Enter Victor and David)

David: Well?
Victor: Yea, I’m ready.
David: You better be good.
Victor: (He laughs to himself) Yea, Yea I haven’t sparred with anyone in a while, but this a friendly fight.
David: Of course.

(They fight each other. Travis comes and intervenes)
Travis: What you guys doing? (They both fight him. All of sudden David punches Victor in the stomach.)
Victor: What are you…doing??
David: Did you forget we are still sparring??
Victor: Moves back…I would figure since he arrived that it would stop.
Travis: Trouble in paradise?
Victor: Shut up. (He turns to David.) You should of stopped.
David: Well…(He runs forward and tries to punch him. He moves and throws him to Travis. Travis grabs him up.)
Travis: Want some hits.
Victor: Shut up. (David breaks free)

(They all fight each other.)

David: Look aren’t you having fun?
Victor: A little…
Travis: You punks think this is a game.
David: Its always been a game for me.
Travis: Well that makes things interesting.
Victor: I can’t help but think this is a game for you as well.
Travis: A little…
Victor: Why don’t you stop what your doing and turn yourself in. You can become one of us.
Travis: (He ponders a little bit.) Nah… I like being the bad guy. (He jumps at Victor and grabs him up. Then pushes him on the floor. David grabs Travis and lifts up Victor.) You Punks are just waiting for way to take me in.( ???? comes out of nowhere and kicks him in the back.)
????: You relax. (Travis is knocked out. David looks and Victor and hits him in the back of the head.)
David: Sorry guy its personal with him.
????: Sure that was a good idea?
David: I’m sure he will understand.

End of Scene 4

End of Part 1

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