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Rated: 18+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1453200
Please Excuse Mistakes Havent Really Edited. Thank You
                             “He will be too weak.”
         “He will grow in to his skin and become Pharaoh. We are descents of Horus himself!!”
         “My Lord it is not wise to choose this child for the leader of Egypt herself.”
         “Silence, Utter another word of such disgrace and I will sip out your tongue straight from your throat.” The high Priest held his throat in fear, then massaging it to somewhat relax his tongue.
         “My lord we must leave, We have a meeting with the Persian Empire, They wish to give us news.”          
         “General Cambyses will have to wait in the throne room.” He then lifts his child in to the air. “You will be Pharaoh, May Amon bless you with his grace of light.. Amyrtaeus of Sais.”
         The Pharaoh walked in the throne room his robes dangling, dragging on the marble floors his sandals clicking on the ground. The priest stood behind him shrouded in a cloak. General Cambyses awaited him, and watched him past by to the stairs of the throne. His guards stood behind him there eyes covered by a piece of cloth that sketched to the bottom of their feet. The Pharaoh walked up the stairs to the throne. The Royal guard stood at the feet of the stairs with their eyes on the General. The priest followed him when the Pharaoh sat he stood beside him.
         “You may speak.” He rose his hand to allow Cambyses the opportunity to mouth his thoughts. Cambyses spoke in a clear voice that filled the room with a low audible tone that echoed.
         “Greetings from Persia.” He raised his hand then bowed. “ I have come to you on pleasant terms to give you great news.” The Pharaoh's eyebrow rose.
         “Pleasantry of a Persian is rare what is this?” His head nodded then he stared at the ground searching for words.
         “I have come with the news...” He lifted his head up. “of Slaughter.” The Royal guards drew their swords.
         “Halt” shouted the Pharaoh rising his hand. “Sheathe your swords let him speak.” The guards hesitated but sheathed their weapons. “Continue Cambyses.”
         “We have come for Egypt.” A smile appeared on the Pharaoh's face.
         “So you think we will surrender?” 
         “No,No… You Egyptians are proud people, I know you won’t just  surrender.” He draws his sword so does the Royal guard. He laughed to himself “That would be to simple…..We will just have to kill you all.”  he said in a sarcastic tone then pointed his blade at the Pharaoh. “But I realized that you Egyptians are so annoying.” He lowers his blade. “I kill some and more come to replace you.” He stared at the Pharaoh with a fiery anger, “Like Scarabs underneath my feet.” 
         “You compare us to lowly insects!!!” He stands up. Cambyses then shouts.
         “ I'm not done.” The Pharaoh interrupts.
         “You are…....Kill them!!” The Royal guard rushed forward. Cambyses step back to let the guards protect him. They drew their sword. The cloth around their eyes swayed his they waited for the guards. The Royal Guards swung their swords only to find their hands on the floor. In shock they fell to the ground. 
         “Your help is pathetic.” He walks forward up the stairs.
         “Camet call the rest of the guards!!” Shouted the Pharaoh with furious roar.
         “Sorry my lord.” and then bashed him in the back of the head. Cambyses stood at the top. Staring in to the eyes of the Pharaoh.
         “Take out the leader and the nation shall fall...Take him away, and prepare for the arrival of the new Pharaoh. Cyrus.” Camet stood back hood still covering his face.
                      “Psammetichus please forgive me. Anubis shall curse my soul.” he mumbled under his breath.
         “Camet leave this place at once you have outlived your usefulness to the Perisan Empire.” Cambyses spoke in a calm chilling tone. Camet stood and watched them take the Pharaoh. “I have betrayed my country disgraced my ancestors and for what?” he fell to the floor.  Cambyses looked to the side to see him on the floor. He watched him pray for his life.
         “Tzahor, Arrian kill him he has begun to annoy me.” both of his bodyguards drew their blades. The shealthing noise awoke Camet out of his pity. He stood up and started to run.
         “I have fell from grace but I will protect the heir to the throne.” He ran to the room where the child was being held. “I will save the last son of Sais.” He picked up the child and ran toward the window. At that moment Tzahor and Arrian entered the room. Their bands swayed with the evening wind. “The last son of Sais will survive”. He jumped out the window to the river below. Tzahor and Arrian just stood there then turned around and disappeared in the moonlight. Camet held to a branch while holding on to the child. He released the branch and fell to the ground just before the river. He ran with all his might in to the villages ahead.
         “Draw your blades.” Cambyses sat on the throne. Tzahor and Arrian took out their blades. “No blood...I see he got away.” He held his head. He walked down the stairs of the throne with a look of annoyance. “You to look in the city and I will search the village. He can't be free at the time. This news will surely anger Cyrus.” He drew his blade and disappeared. Tzahor and Arrian did the same.
         Fatigued by his running he stopped and watched the child in his arms. The baby stared in to his eyes.
         “Your eyes show so much love, I fear that people will not accept you.” A small hut was in front of him. “I have become weak.” He walked and stopped on the door and knocked. A woman came to the door to the dirt- face Camet put the child by the door.
         “What do you want?” she held her door slightly opened. Camet put the child by the door. “What is this” she opened the fully.
         “Take this child and care for him.” she stood puzzled by this sudden decision in her hands. She held the baby in her hands. “His name is Amyrteaus allow him to grow.” Camet disappeared in the dark night. She held him and turned inside.
         “Amyrteaus you have come at a time most beneficial.” The women held the child by her chest. “Slaves are so hard to come by.”
         Camet leaned on a small house trying to catch his breath. “You have become such a nuisance in the short time we have been allied.” Camet looked around and hid behind a small box.
         “My alliance was careless and vengeful.” The voice was known to Camet it was Cambyses.
         “So is that why you betrayed your empire.......to be vengeful?' He walked in a circle. “Your right that was careless.” He chuckled.
         “I was promised power beyond by wildest dreams.” Cambyses chuckled again.
         “You were high priest second to the Pharaoh!!” he yelled. “What more power do you need?” Camet froze in realization. 
         “I wanted to be a God.” Cambyses laughed at the stupidity of this man. Camet stood up and walked into the light. “I was foolish, but the son of Pharaoh Psammetichus shall not be.” Cambyses humorous facial expression changed.
         “A son.” he drew his blade and looked at his reflection on the moonlight in his saber. He sighed to himself and looked at Camet. “Your usefulness has seemed to be replenished. Where is the child?”
         “I will never tell you.” Cambyses sighed again.
         “Wrong answer.” he said in a calm chilling tone. He disappeared and reappeared behind Camet. He fell to the floor.
         “MY LEGS” Camet yelled. Cambyses took his sheath form his back.
         “Be silent.” A cold shot knocked out Camet to the floor. “Cyrus will be most displeased.” He sighed and dragged Camet by his arm. “Still a burden.” They disappeared into the night.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1453200