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Dreams may be shattered. But don’t stop dreaming.

Once dreams are shattered they can’t be rebuilt;
By no means can we gain what has been lost.
Just as misdeeds can’t be undone by guilt,
Of dead dreams one can never pay the cost.

Life’s full of many a hurdle and pain,
To forget which we weave our silken dreams.
But if they’re shattered we cannot regain,
The joy of glittering colourful gleams.

If dreams are shattered, take care that in turn
You don’t become yourself heartless and cold.
The flame of love in a young heart does burn.
It must be kept up though you may grow old.

You must not cease to dream till your last day.
It’s dreams that keep unhappiness away.

* Initially written as entry 464571 in the book FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL, "FAITH, NATURE & INSPIRATIONAL. Posted as the present static item on 22 July 2008.

M C Gupta
26 October 2006
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