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Just a teaser for the Fantasy Debooting League Main Event: Now Playing
As part of an effort to advertise the debooting league main event. I'll be using this space to add random bonus debooting league related material. This one's just for hardcore debooting league fans!!!

The actual Fantasy Debooting League Interactive story is located here:

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I'll be adding Extra stuff daily as the main event approaches...Enjoy!!!

Bonus#1 Teaser Trailer (made out of excerpts from the introduction)

20 of the hottest and strongest FDL competitors will enter the ring...
Alliances will be tested...
Scores will be settled...
Rivalries will be ended...
Feet will be tickled...
and Footwear will go flying...

Who will come out on top?

FDL Ultimate Showdown

Coming soon to an interactive near you!!!

Bonus#2 Extra Scene: Azula's Preparation
Note: The main event takes place before the boiling rock.

"HAHAHAHA!! Azula" A tied up Ty Lee laughed. "HA HA HA!!! You can HA HA stop now!!! You're definitely an expert at tickling!!"

"HA HA Yeah...So give us a break already!!" Mai agreed,

"Sorry girls," Azula said smiling evilly and running her fingertips against both girls' soles. "But last time I lost out in the submission round. I'm afraid I have to get in a few more hours of practice."

"HA HA Please no!!" Ty Lee begged.

"HA HA HA! Shouldn't you practice getting tickled yourself?" Mai suggested between laughs.

In response Azula began tickling Mai's soles with both her hands even harder.
"What was that?" the fire nation princess asked.

"HAHAHAHA Nothing Nothing!!!" Mai squealed.

Azula grinned. "You better watch out Katara!!! I'm coming for you next!!!"

Bonus#3 Extra Scene 2: Training Mode

In a military gym...
Guile watched as Chun Li and Cammy circled each other in the ring.
Cammy leaped back just in time to dodge a series of lightning kicks from the interpol agent.

"Nice try," Cammy called out. "But not good enough."

Cammy goes into a cannon drill which Chun Li promptly catches. A quick spin from the interpol agent sends Cammy flying into the ropes barefoot.

"Ugh" Cammy groans. "That hurt."

Chun Li smiles, drops Cammy's boots and helps her up. "Looks like I got you again."

"You got lucky," Cammy said.

"Doesn't that make it 5 to 2?" Chun Li teased.

"You know for someone who's so playful outside of a fight you sure take your training seriously."

Chun Li just stuck her tongue out at Cammy

"See what I mean!"

Guile entered the ring and tossed the two of them towels and water bottles. The two woman smiled and thanked him.

"You two have really put in a lot of training lately." He said. "I'm impressed!!"

"Well we have to be ready for Ultimecia and the others," Cammy said wiping herself down with the towel.

Chun Li taking a sip of water nodded in agreement."After all the main event is no joke."

Guile nodded. "That's true!"

Both women smiled playfully. "You know you've really made an effort to come to all our practice sessions." Chun Li said

Guile eyes shifted back and forth. "Well I like to cheer my friends on."

Cammy grinned. "Sure it's not because of your foot fetish?" she asked.

"Don't know what you're talking about!" Guile said putting his hand over his mouth to hide his smile.

Both women rolled their eyes.

"Fine if you say so." Cammy said. "But do you think you can do me a small favor?"

Guile nodded. "Sure...what is it?"

Cammy gave Chun Li a wink before looking back at Guile. "Could you help me get my boots back on?" she asked.

Guile gulped. Carefully he went to the center of the ring and retrieved Cammy's boots fighting against his natural impulse to give them a good sniff before handing them to her.

Chun Li bit her lip to keep from laughing. It seemed that Guile was determined to keep his fetish a secret at all cost.

Guile placed Cammy's boots at her feet.

"You're sweating an awful lot for someone who doesn't have a fetish." Cammy noted.

"It's just a hot day that's all" Guile said wiping his brow.

"Oh is that it?" Cammy asked smirking. She extended her feet towards him wiggling her toes. "Ok then it shouldn't be a problem for you to put them on me."

Both girls were sure they heard a frustrated groan as Guile bent down to do as she asked.

Chun Li watched with amusement as Guile tried his best to contain his excitement while helping Cammy on with her boots. She imagined it must have been pure torture for Guile forcing himself not to kiss or massage Cammy's feet while he was in front of them. Somehow using intense mental discipline the colonel managed to complete the task without giving in to his fetish placing Cammy's boots back on her feet and tieing them for her.

"S-see no fetish at all" Guile croaked.

"Mmm" Cammy said nodding. "Guess I was wrong. Anyway thanks Guile."

Guile coughed. "Now if you'll excuse me ladies...I'd better uh go check on Shadaloo's activities." He said quickly leaving the room.

Both Cammy and Chun Li laughed.

"He's gonna need a cold shower." Cammy said.

Chun Li giggled and shook her head. "You're bad Cammy!!"

Cammy smiled. "Well he had it coming. Guilting us into all those matches with his charity excuse."

Chun Li smiled. "I guess you're right."

Cammy stood up. "C'mon," she said. "Let's go check on how Ryu is doing. Maybe once he is done tickle training Sakura, we might be able to get another foot massage from him."

Chun Li nodded. She needed some refreshment after all that training and a foot massage sounded pefect.

The girls smiled to themselves as they left the gym. This sparring session had been really productive. They only hoped that it had given them the preparation they needed for the match ahead of them.

Bonus#4 Competitor Profile 1: Sailor Galaxia

Name: Sailor Galaxia
First Appearance: Sailor Moon Super S
Hair Color: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Age: She'll kill you before you find out.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: You try asking her.
Afiliations: Shadow Galactica, Lucifer's Ladies
Shoe Size: 9.5
FDL History Wins: 92 Losses: 6 Draws: None
Current Feuds: Sailor Senshi, Queen Beryl
Specialty moves: Energy Blasts, Tickling torment
Quote: "Is it over already? I was just starting to have fun."

Bio: Easily one of the Strongest and Well-known FDL competitors, Galaxia is the queen of tickling submission. In fact any match that reaches a tickling submission round always ends in her favor. Enjoying the attention her feet receives, this villainess loves to showboat sometimes going out of her way to force a sudden death round even when she is obviously ahead. The few FDL loses she has are usually the result of vanity, overconfidence or interference from other characters. Still, this woman's beauty and power make her a favorite among fans and a dangerous opponent.

FDL Challenge #1: Galaxia is so popular in the FDL that she tends to get mentioned even when she isn't competing in a match. See if you find the three completed matches where Galaxia's name doesn't appear at all?

Bonus#5 Competitor Profile 2: Sailor Moon
Profile provided by StreetFighterDash

Name: Sailor Moon
Real Name: Serena "Usagi" Tsukino
First Appearance: Sailor Moon
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 17.
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: She'd rather not say.
Afiliations: Sailor Senshi, The Dream Team
Shoe Size: ?
FDL Manager: Rock "Mega Man" Light.
FDL History Wins: 14 Losses: 2 Draws: 1
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (1x),FDL Tag Team Titles (0x).
Current Feuds: Sailor Galaxia
Specialty moves: Moon Shot, Silver Crystal power up.
Quote: "In the name of the Moon,I shall De-boot you!"

Bio: Sailor Moon and her Manager the original Mega Man are fan favorites among FDL fans. Sailor Moon is the leader of Sailor Senshi and the ONLY one who has beaten Galaxia in the ring. Sailor Moon can be a ditz sometimes,but she's an excellent fighter. This meatball headed cutie is admired though out the entire world.

FDL Fun Facts: Sailor Moon first entered the FDL on a dare from Rei-chan. Since then Sailor Moon has prooven herself to be one of the FDL's hottest superstars. She soon teamed up with Rock "Mega Man" Light,who became her manager. Rock and Sailor Moon are old friends so the chemistry between them is great. Together,Rock and Moon are almost unstoppable...In fact,thanks to Rock's advice,Sailor Moon became the FDL Intercontenental Champion. Unfortunately though,She lost the Title recently to She-Hulk.

Bonus#6 Extra Scene 3: Meditation
Idea by StreetFighterDash

On a mountain top outside of Nibelheim...

Cloud, Barret, Yuffie, Vincent, Red XIII and Cid watch in awe as Tifa sits there meditating. Her eyes are closed. Her legs are crossed and she's concentrating really hard.

"Wow she's really focused." Barret whispers. "How long has she been like that?"

"Since this morning," Cloud said. "She said there's no way she's losing to Utimecia again and that in the next match she's gonna get even with her. Then she marched out here, got into position and hasn't budged since."

"That's over 10 hours," Vincent noted.

"What do you think she's concentrating on for so long?" Yuffie asked

"She's probably gathering all her energy and focusing it on defeating Ultimecia," Red XIII explained.

"She sure takes defeat hard." Cid commented. "She's so focused that we can barely see her breathing."

"Well it was rough losing because of Sephiroth's interference." Vincent said.

"Yeah..." Barret agreed. "I'd like ta smack Sephiroth around for that myself."

"What do you think the chances are that Sephiroth won't interfere in the main event?" Vincent asked.

All of the final fantasy crew's heads slumped down.

"Don't worry!" Cloud said. "Tifa said that if he even tries it again in the next match...she'll be ready for him this time."

The group watched Tifa for a little longer. Suddenly Yuffie (noticing that Tifa is barefoot with her shoes and socks placed to the side) gets an idea.

"I'm gonna tickle Tifa's feet and see if I could break her concentration." The ninja announces gleefully.

Luckily, Vincent and Cid drag Yuffie away before she gets the chance.

Bonus#7 Competitor Profile 3: Supergirl

Name: Supergirl
Real Name: Kara Zor El
First Appearance: Superman/Batman Comics (Modern Continuity)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: 19
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120 pounds
Afiliations: Justice League, The Dream Team
Shoe Size: 8.5
FDL Manager: Usually Freelance.
FDL History Wins: 22 Losses: 4 Draws: 1
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (1x w/Batgirl).
Current Feuds: Galatea, Other DC villainesses
Specialty moves: Fall From Grace, Hurricane Spin, Foot Warmer
Quote: "Sorry but I have to win this...Don't worry though I'll try not to embarass you too badly."

Bio: One of the more powerful competitors the FDL has to offer. Supergirl is insanely strong. Though she's only been in the FDL for a relatively short time, she has managed to win most of her matches losing only when competitors get the opportunity to take advantange of what few weaknesses she has.Supergirl is a fan favorite and her matches usually sell out very quickly. Unfortunately due to this competitor's busy schedule saving the world, she doesn't get the chance to compete that often.

FDL Fun Facts: Supergirl holds the world record for the fastest de-booting of an opponent during a match for debooting Shego in less than 2 seconds. With her tag team partner Batgirl, she briefly managed to claim the tag team title from Sailor Neptune and Uranus before losing it in the subsequent match to Utimecia and Morrigan.

Bonus#8 Competitor Profile 4: Katara
Profile provided by StreetFighterDash

Name: Katara
Real Name: Katara
First Appearance: Avatar ep.1
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Blue?
Age: 16
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: She refuses to reveal it.
Afiliations: Team Avatar, The Dream Team
Shoe Size: ??
FDL Manager: None.
FDL History Wins: 10 Losses: 2 Draws: 0
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (0x).
Current Feuds: Princess Azula, Shego
Specialty moves: Water Whip, Splashin' Wave, Hydro Bombs, Healing Water.
Quote: "Never underestimate the power of a Waterbender!"

Bio: One of the least powerful competitors the FDL has to offer.But what this cutie lacks in power she has in cleverness. She always wins with a smooth combination of Waterbending and cleverness. However this stratagy isn't always reliable. But,Win or lose,Katara's friends will always be there for her.

FDL Fun Facts: Katara entered the FDL as a way of inproving herself as a fighter. As long as her friends are there cheering her on,Katara will never ever Give up the fight. At the moment,Katara has not shown any interest in any FDL titles. She just doesn't care about being a champion.

Bonus#9 Competitor Profile 5: Ultimacia
Profile provided by StreetFighterDash

Name: Ultimacia
Real Name: Ultimacia
First Appearance: Near the very end of Final Fantasy 8.
Hair Color: Silver
Eyes: Crimson?
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: She refuses to reveal it.
Afiliations: Lucifer's Ladies
Shoe Size: ??
FDL Manager: Sephiroth
FDL History Wins: 15 Losses: 0 Draws: 0
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (1x w/Morrigan).
Current Feuds: Tifa Lockheart
Specialty moves: Apocalypse, Maelstrom, Hell's Judgement, Eternal Darkness (w/Sephiroth) and all sorts of other of magical spells.
Quote: "I am the greatest sorceress of all time!"

Bio: Ultimacia and her Insurance policy,Sephiroth, have taken the FDL by storm. Ultimacia joined the FDL for unknown reasons. Sephiroth,on the other hand,has a bit of a foot fetish and when he heard that his old friend,Ultimacia was gonna be competing in the FDL,Sephy asked Ultimacia if she would like him to be her insurence polocy. Ultimacia excepted her friends offer and the 2 of them have been unstoppable since. Although, Ultimacia's very skilled at magic,most of her wins were due to Sephiroth's interference.

FDL Fun Facts: Ultimacia is very skilled in magic and is a former FDL Tag-team champion with Morrigan. They recently lost the titles to Shego and Azula. Ultimacia has ambitions to be the FDL World Champion one day.

Bonus #10 Competitor Profile 6: The Baroness

Name: The Baroness
Real Name: Anastasia Decobray
First Appearance: G.I. Joe Cartoon
Hair Color: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 32?
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: If she tells you, she'll have to kill you.
Afiliations: Cobra, Lucifer's Ladies
Shoe Size: 9
FDL Manager: None.
FDL History Wins: 12 Losses: 4 Draws: 0
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (0x).
Current Feuds: Scarlett
Specialty moves: Baroness is a master or hand to hand combat. Her specialty moves include her Snake strike, Deadly Venom, and Sweep kick attacks.
Quote: "You'll rue the day I got picked as your opponent"

Bio: What this competitor lacks in the way of superpowers, she makes up for in cunning and ruthlessness. Baroness is an expert at intelligence gathering and she uses her knowledge of her opponents weaknesses to her advantage taking them down with cold, smooth efficiency. Don't underestimate this women in the ring or you'll find the match is over before it begins. Though she has been outmatched by her opponents in the past, her losses are usually the result of disqualification.

FDL Fun Facts: Interestingly enough, Baroness' ringside accompaniment alternates between Destro, Cobra Commander, and Serpentor. When their audience seat is empty, it's usually a sign that trouble is about to occur.

Bonus #11 Competitor Profile 7: Sakura Kasugano
Profile provided by StreetFighterDash

Name: Sakura Kasugano
Real Name: Sakura Kasugano
First Appearance: Street Fighter Alpha
Hair Color: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 17
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: She won't tell.
Afiliations: Team Street Fighter, The Dream Team
Shoe Size: ??
FDL Manager: None.
FDL History Wins: 13 Losses: 2 Draws: 4
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (0x).
Current Feuds: Juli and Juni
Specialty moves: Hadouken,Shoryuken,Hurricane Kick,Shinkuhadouken,and Shoryureppa.
Quote: "This fight is for you,Ryu-Sensei!"

Bio: Sakura Joined the FDL to improve herself as a fighter. Plus,she loves to tickle people. Sakura wins her battles using cleverness and speed,rather then sheer power and. Sakura is also a determined fighter,who will never give up the fight. But Win,Lose,or Draw,her Master Ryu is always proud of her.

FDL Fun Facts: Sakura and Karin came very close to winning the FDL Tag-Team Champions. and by herself,Sakura has come close to winning the FDL Intercontenental Championship. As long as Sakura remains an FDL Superstar,Ryu will keep on training and supporting her.

Bonus#12 Extra Scene 4: Unbeatable?!!!!!
Idea by StreetFighterDash

In the FDL locker following an intense match between Utimecia and Aeris Gainsborough...

Ultimecia is sitting on a bench taking her boots off. Sephiroth as usual is by her side.

"It seems you won again." Sephiroth says giving Ultimecia an approving nod.

Ultimecia smiled. "Was there ever a doubt?" She teased.

Sephiroth shook his head. "Of course not!" he said. "Still that match was impressive even for you."

Ultimecia grinned. "Well I did have a little bit of help," she said stroking his arm. "Thanks for distracting Aeris for me."

Sephiroth smiled. "You give me too much credit...all I did this time was take out my sword and polish it."

"And it worked wonders. When Aeris saw you do that, the color literally dropped from her face. For a second she was too stunned to move and I was able to capitalize on it for an easy win." Ultimecia told him. She giggled. "Looks like you made quite the impression on her in your game."

Sephiroth chuckled. "It's kind of sweet that she remembers me." he said. "My favorite part of the match was when you had Aeris pinned with one of her boots off. Then you looked up at Tifa in the audience, winked at her and began tickling Aeris senseless."

Ultimecia beamed. "That was fun! Did you see Tifa's face? She looked like she was going to blow a gasket."

Both villains laughed wickedly. Suddenly Sephiroth became serious. "The main event is coming up pretty soon!" He said gently squeezing her shoulder.

Ultimecia's nodded. "I know." She said.

"Are you nervous?" Sephiroth asked.

The Soceress shook her head. "No! Not even close."

"You're sure?...Tifa's definitely going to be gunning for you now."

Ultimecia laughed "Tifa!!! Are you Kidding me!!!! She'll fall at my feet just like the last time. Maybe this time I'll even force her to kiss them in front of a world wide audience"

Sephiroth smiles at the thought. "I would love to see that." he said.

Ultimecia grinned. "I'll see what I can do." She said. She lifted her feet and placed them in Sephiroth's lap. "Now how about giving me a victory foot rub?"

Sephiroth smiled and proceeded to do so.

As Ultimecia began to moan contentedly, she thought about the upcoming match. Tifa had no idea of what was in store for her. The sorceress grinned to herself. This was going to be fun!!

Bonus#13 Extra Scene 5: Killer Dolls
Written by StreetFighterDash

Inside Shadaloo's gym...
M.Bison watches Juli and Juni battle 2 of his "lesser" dolls in a ring. Juli spindrive smashes her opponent and KO's her,while Juni swiftly grabs her opponents legs and yanks off her boots. Juli pulls off her opponents boots.

Bison applauds his 2 favorite dolls and congratulates them. Juli and Juni jump out of the ring and bow to Bison.

Bison smiles and tells his dolls that he is now certain that they are both ready for the FDL Main Event. Juli thanks her Master. Juni asks what now.

Bison tells his Dolls that its time for the final and most important part of their training. Juli and Juni look at each other and nod.

Next,Juli and Juni sit on the edge of the ring and remove their boots,exposing their beautiful bare feet. Bison gets a buldge in his pants as he sees his lovely assasains wiggle their toes.

Juli tells her Master that they're ready. Bison smiles and begins tickling Juni's left foot,while licking her right. Juni starts to giggle uncontrollably.

2 hours later,Juni almost passes out. Bison tells Juni that she needs to strengthen her feet more. Next,Bison tells Juli that it's her turn and begins tickling Juli's right foot,while licking her left. Juli starts to giggle uncontrollably.

2 hours later,Juli almost passes out. Bison tells Juli that she needs to strengthen her feet as well. Bison tells his girls that they can hit the showers now. Bison walks way.

While walking out of the gym,Bison thinks about Juli and Juni's feet and makes plans to have some more fun with them later.

Bonus#14 Extra Scene 6: Girl's Day Out

After undergoing a rigorous preparation routine for the Main event the day before, Mistress 9, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Dark Lady (who Mistress 9 invited to join them) had decided to spend a day relaxing at a spa. After spending the morning getting massages and pedicures, Mistress 9 asked the other girl if it was ok if they stopped at a local shopping mall because she needed some extra preparation for her match. The other girls agreed.

In the shopping mall, Harley Quinn's eyes opened wide as she saw a prank shop nearby. "Oh I'm gonna need to stop there," She said. "I have to replenish my supply of itching powder. Wanna come Ivy?"

"Did you hear something?" Poison Ivy (who wasn't speaking to Harley at the moment) asked Mistress 9.

"Aw c'mon Ivy. I said I was sorry." Harley pleaded. "Let it go already! You said you wanted to prepare for our match."

"Getting kidnapped and tickle tortured by the Joker was not what I had in mind." Ivy said coldly.

"He helped train us...didn't he?" Harley asked.

"That man is s SADISTIC PSYCHOPATH who gets off on tickling." Ivy said her voice dripping with venom. "I wouldn't call what he did to us help."

"Well he did get a little extreme with his training." Harley confessed.

"EXTREME!!!!!!!!" Ivy shouted in disbelief. "Using the feathers on our feet was extreme. It past extreme when he brought out the hyenas to lick our soles."

"Fun stuff huh?" Harley said smiling.

As Poison Ivy got ready to slug her, Harley quickly added. "Kidding Kidding."

Ivy sighed. She had given up on her friend's choice of boyfriend long ago. "Get some help Harley." She said. She turned to Dark Lady and Mistress 9. "I'm gonna visit the botany shop...I'll catch up with you two later."

As the plant villainess walked away, Harley followed her continuing to beg Ivy's forgiveness.

Mistress 9 looked at Dark Lady. "Looks like it's just you and me."

Dark Lady nodded. "So what store are you planning to visit?" She asked.

Mistress 9 grinned. "Just purchasing a little something I have in store for my Senshi counterpart in the main event."

Dark Lady jaw dropped as she saw what store Mistress 9 was headed for. She suddenly realized what Mistress 9 had in mind.

"Y-you can't be serious," Dark Lady said. "I knew you wanted to win but I had no idea that you were willing to go to such extreme measures. Are you really going to use that?"

Mistress 9 nodded.

Shrugging, Dark Lady flashed an evil smile. "It look Sailor Saturn will have a rough time ahead of her." She said.

Mistress 9 grinned.

Laughing triumphantly Mistress 9 removed her pumps to try on...a new pair of boots!!

Bonus#15 Competitor Profile 8: Morrigan
Profile provided by StreetFighterDash

Name: Morrigan Aensland
Real Name: Morrigan Aensland
First Appearance: Darkstalkers 1
Hair Color: Green
Eyes: Emerald
Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: She refuses to reveal it.
Afiliations: Lucifer's Ladies
Shoe Size: ??
FDL Manager: Bass
FDL History Wins: 16 Losses: 5 Draws: 0
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (1x w/Ultimecia).
Current Feuds: Chun-Li Xiang
Specialty moves: Soul Fist, Shade Blade, Spinning Attack(i forgot what it's called),Seduction,and Soul Plasma Blast(w/Bass)
Quote: "Gaze upon my beauty...before I take your soul!"

Bio: Morrigan and Bass entered the FDL for the fun of it. Actually,it was the foot fetishists that pushed her to compete. They felt that Morrigan's feet were being overlooked. Morrigan chose Bass to be her manager,because Bass was a Debooting match enthusiast....and because they are old friends.

FDL Fun Facts: Morrigan's a decent fighter and is a former FDL Tag-team champion with Ultimacia. They recently lost the titles to Shego and Azula. Morrigan is also a former FDL Intercontenental Champion. She recently lost it to Cammy.

Bonus#16 Competitor Profile 9: Batgirl

Name: Batgirl
Real Name: Barbara Gordon
First Appearance: Detective Comics #359
Hair Color: Red
Eyes: Blue
Age: 19
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: She's keeping it under wraps.
Afiliations: Justice League, Bat Family, The Dream Team
Shoe Size: 9
FDL Manager: None
FDL History Wins: 10 Losses: 3 Draws: 2
FDL Titles Held: FDL World Title (0x),FDL Intercontenental Title (0x),FDL Tag Team Titles (1x w/Supergirl).
Current Feuds: Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn
Specialty moves: Bat in the Belfry, Kani-Garimi, Hiza Hishigi, Tight-rope, Caped Crusade
Quote: "I'm taking you down hardl!"

Bio: Trained by the legendary Batman himself, Batgirl brings her unique blend of Martial arts and Gymnastics skill to the ring. This competitor is smart and agile and can surprisingly hold her own against significantly more powerful opponents. Watch out for this competitor's utility belt. In it she has a device for every situation.

FDL Fun Facts: Batgirl is all about self improvement and is consistently striving for the FDL titles to test her skill. Unfortunately she is fairly new to the FDL and the learning curve is fairly steep. She did manage to briefly claim a tag team title with her partner Supergirl but she lost it in the subsequent match to Ultimecia and Morrigan. However, at the rate this competitor continues to develop her skills, It is very likely that she might be the an individual title holder one day.

Bonus#17: FDL Main Event preview special.

Update: The Main Event has Finally Started Airing: Here is one final bonus for you. The original preview special episode that was used as a basis for part of the introduction. Enjoy Everyone!!!

Written by StreetFighterDash

Live! Inside an Empty arena, Mean Jean Okerlund is standing in the ring with a microphone in hand.

Gene(talking into michrophone): Good afternoon FDL fans and welcome to the FDL Main Event Preview Special. I'm your host Mean Gene Okerlund. As you can see,I'm standing in the middle of the very place that will be the battle field for Tonight's big Main Event,which has been dubbed by many as the Ultimate Showdown.

(geting abit excited)I tell ya folks,this is gonna be 1 hot battle as Lucifer's Ladies will clash with the Heroic Dream Team in unpresidented 20,i'm not joking here folkes,woman tag-team elimination match.

for those who don't know,here are the participents: representing Lucifer's Ladies are: Team Captain Ultimacia,Sailor Galaxia,Princess Azula,he sexy Morrgan Aensland,Poison Ivy,Harley Quinn,Mistress 9,Baroness,Juli,and Juni...as well as Sephiroth,Shego and Bass.

Now,representing The Dream Team are: Team Captain,Tifa Lockheart,Sailor Moon,Katara the Water Bender,Chun-Li Xiang,Batgirl,Supergirl,Sailor Saturn,Cammy White,Mai Shiranui,the Always lovable Sakura Kasugano,and of course,Rock "Mega Man" light,who will be in their corner.

Now,I gotta tell you,I've been looking foward to this event the moment that it was announced.and...(pauses,puts fngers on earpiece) Um,Ladies and gentlemen we just got word that Beryl of the Nation of Domination has just arrived here in the building.(removes fingers from earpiece).

Now I don't have a clue what she's doing here,but It might have something to do with that rumor about one of the 20 participents selling out to Dr.Wily.

We shall find out later tonight,Whether this Rumor is true or not. Joining me now is Rock"Mega Man"Light.

Mega man's theme plays in the backround. Rock walks down to the ring and enters it. The music ends.

Gene(talking into microphone): Rock,its great to see you!

Rock: Thanks Gene,it's nice to be here.

Gene: Rock,I understand that you have some opinions on this Rumor.

Rock: Indeed I do. I think this rumor is only true for Lucifers Ladies and Not my team.

Gene: What makes you say that?

Rock: The ladies of my team have strong sences of Justices like me and would never sell out to the evil side.

Gene: Well,In that case,which one of Lucifers Ladies do you think is gonna be the sell out?

Rock: I have no clue.Most likely,Mistress 9. Wily's main members are made up of villians from Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z,so Mistress 9 is the only logical choice.

Gene: Well,what about Sailor Galaxia?

Rock: As far as I can tell,She wants to be the master of all,so I doubt she'll be the one who sells out.,,unless she's planing on killing Wily and taking over the NOD herself!

Gene: Indeed,that would be a very likely Scenario. Anyway,back to the match! How do you think your team will fare against the likes of Harley Quinn,Princess Azula,Galaxia,and even Ultimacia?

Rock: Let me just say this,Gene! My team will only suck if those 3 jackals,Sephy,Shego,and Bass contantly keep interfering. That's where I come in. I'm gonna try my damnedest to keep those 3 from sticking thier noses where they don't belong.

Gene: Well I wish you luck on that.

Gene and rock shake hands.

Rock: Thanks Gene.

Mega man's theme plays in the backround. Rock leaves the ring and goes back to the locker room. The music ends.

Gene: Lets go to the Locker Room area to see if we can get an Interview with Beryl herself.

Scene switches to the Locker Room area,where FDL color commentator/broadcast Journalist,Codename KSC is standing by the Locker Room door.

Codename KSC: I'm standing near the Locker Room,where Beryl is supposedly meeting with the Mystery sellout. I'm gonna try my best to get an interview.(puts ear to door)I can hear some voices talking,but I can't make out who they are.(removes ear from door)

Beryl walks out of the dressing room and sees KSC.

Beryl(slightly annoyed): What the hell do you want?

KSC: I was wondering If I could get a brief interview with you.

Beryl: Fine! but make it quick.

KSC: We at the FDL have just gotta know,who were you talking to in the Locker Room? Was it the Mystery sell out?

Beryl(annoyed even more): Those rumors are false....Case closed!

KSC: No it's not "Case Closed". We need to know who you were talking to in that room?

Beryl(even more annoyed): That's none of your concern,Maggot,so screw off!.(begins to walk away). And if you see that Bitch Galaxia,tell her that I'll be waiting to beat her friggin' brains out in the parking lot.

Beryl leaves the Arena.

KSC: Back to you,Mean Gene!

Back at ringside.

Gene: Ladies and Gentlemen,in just a couple of hours,this Arena will be filled completely. the tickets to this event have been sold out for weeks. Some say that this event might even be greater then the "Showdown of Legendary Proportions". For those of you who didn't get a chance to By a ticket,you can still catch this awesome event,Live on Pay-Per-View.

Well that's gonna do it for now. I'm Mean Gene Okerlund and I hope you enjoyed this FDL special. So long eVerybody!
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