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by Andy
Rated: E · Novel · Dark · #1454054
So the name of psycho hottie was Chu Yang. I remember this name in my heart
  I opened my eyes slowly.
  It was not that big carved rosewood bed where I was lying before, but also a comfortable one with soft pillows and curtains of warm red thin silk. There was a delicate dressing table at the head of the bed and an antique three-door-wardrobe at the end. In front of bed, stood a brocade screen described a beautiful girl teasing a cat with a circular fan. Further ahead, there was a arched rosewood door half of which shaded by the screen, pink silk curtains were hanging down on it and there should be an outer room connected by the door.
  I was about to get up when hearing people’s talk in the outer room. I shut my eyes immediately, pretended to sleep and tried to find out what those people were talking about.
  ‘She still hasn’t waked up?’ I shuddered on the voice, frowned. I would never forget his voice, the one that sent terror and hatred through my spine to the heart. It was him, the psycho hottie.
  ‘Still in lethargy, but much better than 2 days ago, no more fever and wanderings.’ It was an unhurried fair-sounding female voice. Just listening produced an indescribable feeling of affection. I dissolved into guessing if its owner was an unparalleled beauty.
  ‘Didn’t doctor say she should wake up as soon as the fever went down?’ Psycho hottie’s voice was carrying a sense of anger, ‘It’s been 7 days, even her wound has recovered, why still she hasn’t waked up? What a quack doctor!’
  ‘Doctor said she had an excess of fright, if she hadn’t waked up after the fever was down, which meant she didn’t want to come to subconsciously,’ the lady strengthened her voice coldly, ‘didn’t want to come to face you.’
  ‘Yue Niang!’ There was a trace of annoyance and regret in his voice, ‘even you are blaming me? I thought at least you were the one who know me best and know why I sought revenge.’
  ‘Just because I know you best, I understood the hatred burdened with you, so I never stopped you when you took revenge.’ Yue Niang signed, ‘But I never thought you want not only the life of Wei Jinlan, you didn’t even let go of his family. You’ve changed, Chu Yang. You are not the one who was clear about gratitude and resentment, and who never let innocent involved.’
  So the name of psycho hottie was Chu Yang. I remember this name in my heart.
  ‘Innocent?’ Chu smiled coldly, even his icy voice couldn’t hide the great pain in his heart, ‘My family, not that they were not innocent, they were exterminated under Wei Jinlan’s persecution. Now I am killing his family, am I wrong?’
  ‘Now you tell me why you sent her to me?’ Yue disagreed with a humph, bearing a sense of discontent in her voice, ‘He killed your family so you killed his; he occupied your mother so you raped his daughter. What went around had come around. Isn’t that enough already? You should end Wei Lanxue’s life with a slash, but why you sent her here? You should know here is …’
  ‘Shut up!’ He interrupted rudely, ‘Are you sympathizing with her? Or, you are questioning me?’
  ‘Chu …’ Yue stopped for a while, her voice turned mild, ‘I’m worrying about you. Your eyes are shaded by hatred and you are on the wrong road of revenge. You will not be happy even if you win. There will be some day, you will finally regret for what you have done now.’
  ‘Enough! Remember your status! I don’t need you to teach me what I should do. You should only do what I ordered you to.’ There was a sense of awkwardness in his caustic voice.
  Yue silenced for a moment, then said coldly, ‘I’m sorry master, I will “take care of” Miss Wei well as you ordered. I will see you leave, master.’
  ‘Yue …’ He regretted, ‘You …’
  Yue Niang interrupted him mercilessly, ‘I will see you leave, master!’ Her voice was emotionless, either.
  Chu Yang’s voice didn’t sound again and after a while, I heard the door was slammed.
  After a long time, as I thought nobody was in the outer room, I heard Yue Niang muttered herself, ‘It’s not you, Chu Yang, the one I know should not be like that.’ Her voice was permeated with bitterness and sorrow.
  Closing my eyes, I started to figure out the relationships from the information I eavesdropped just now. First, Chu Yang’s hatred to Wei Jinlan. It was in fact an old fashioned story that I could almost give a generalization of it based on the knowledge of many novels and TV soaps  I read and watched in my preexistence and plus a modern woman’s energy of association with entertainment news. 18 years ago, Wei Jinlan, a charming young man, (This was my willingness. I hadn’t had a chance to see how I look after revived. I would be kind of pretty if his genes were good enough.) got to know Chu’s father, also a handsome man. (I could tell from Chu’s face.) The two became intimate at the first meeting and appreciated one another. They might have enjoyed themselves together in humming verses, making antithetical couplets and admiring natural wonders; they might shared their interests when drinking together and talking about current events late into night by a lantern. They would be life-long bosom friends if Chu’s father hadn’t invited Wei Jinlan to visit his home one day when Wei saw the wife of his friend, an angel-like woman (also from Chu’s face). Maybe she was smart and talented beyond any one could compare, together with her beauty, which made Wei Jinlan obsessed so much that he yearned for her day and night. The lust of possessing her was getting stronger and stronger, torturing him at each second till at last, he gave up himself to the evil and set up his good friend with the crime of collaboration with the enemy which caused extermination to Chu’s family. Wei then planed to save Chu’s mother and kindly treated her with tenderness and love, given time, even the most strong-minded woman couldn’t resist his gentleness in every possible way and married him. Wei Jinlan finally possessed the beauty as he wished by deliberate schemes. However, he didn’t stamp out the source of trouble totally – the descendant of Chu’s family, Chu Yang escaped from the slaughter and thus gave the cause of ruin to Wei’s family 18 years later.
  As for what master Chu Yang was, I wasn’t sure. But I was sure that his power and influence must be very strong. Wei Jinlan was the Prime Minister of the present dynasty, a man who was said to be one of the most powerful people in the government and had decades of experience of manipulating political means freely in officialdom. He should have established his own network of relationship and there should be a team in his mansion which would sweat their guts out at all times. Thought I didn’t know how Chu Yang had exterminated Wei’s family, no matter what method he took, he was proved to be a considerably capable and powerful man who didn’t fear government and Wei’s relations; or, he was extremely careful when taking actions without negligence – never left a trace to let others sense the inkling. That Yue Niang seemed have special relations with Chu Yang and I guessed, from the last sentence of their conversation, she was Chu’s subordinate, but maybe she just claimed herself to be his subordinate intentionally when being provoked by him. She could call her master by the name with her voice neither haughty nor humble, then she should be his friend than subordinate, but they seemed to be more than friends from their talking that carried ambiguous attitude. Anyhow, I was sure this woman was special for him.
  If so, maybe she could help me. I bit my lips, from her words just now, I could sense she didn’t quite agree with Chu Yang’s way of action, which I could manage to take advantage of. And there was one more thing I should be fortunate with, I finally know the name of this body! It would be easy to give myself away if I didn’t even know my name. I should well thank Yue Niang for blurting out the name when she was agitated. Wei Lanxue – sounded lovely. The daughter of the Prime Minister, a well-educated girl who was sensible, refined and stately in personage – this was the information I got after I woke up last time. I frowned, it differed too much from my character and it would be tough to play her part and avoid any flaws at the same time. What should I do? Or, should I say I had lost memory as all those time-jumped comrades did? Would Chu Yand trust me? It would be easier to pretend to be insane – facing him, I would rather to become mad and without taking efforts to measure his mind and his calculations. I determined in mind that I would play the fool for my life if there came a day when I was driven to the wall.
  I lost my train of thought when I heard someone entered the inner room and stopped at my bed. Was it Yue Niang? I closed my eyes tightly an still pretended to sleep while thinking about the next counter-measure in my heart. ‘Miss Wei,’ her unhurried gentle voice sounded.
  I kept still with eyes shut. She chuckled, ‘Stop pretending, I know you are awake.’
  I was a little surprised – how could she know? Or, maybe she was just bluffing? So I still didn’t move. ‘Maybe you don’t believe, I have dozens of methods to ‘help’ you wake up, each of those is far more painful than you wake up yourself.’ She threatened languidly.
  This woman seemed tough to deal with and I was afraid it wouldn’t be easy to rope her in. I sighed in my heart and opened my eyes. She was indeed a super beauty as I expected – her face was as pretty as lotus and her eyebrows were as trim as willow leaves – no matter heavy or light make-up would suit for her most. Seeing I opened my eyes, beauty was pleased a bit. She looked as about 24 or 25, wearing a dark red silk gown that revealed a big part of skin at the chest – a dress that extremely resembled those of Tang Dynasty. Among the dresses of all dynasties of ancient China, dress of the flourishing age of Tang Dynasty was my most favorite one. Thanks to the liberal tendencies of Tang society, its dress was the most sexist that it expose female’s skin to the biggest extent to show their beauty. The city where I lived in my preexistence was know as ‘stove city’, so I was quite afraid of spending summer time. Though I like to wear cool and refreshing clothes, I could only enjoy wearing a gallus vest at home due to my over-plump figure. At that moment, what I was thinking most was the aesthetic standards of Tang’s age – when people treated plumpness as beauty. How scientific it was! I admired it so much!
  I didn’t know whether the tendencies of Tian Meng Dynasty was exactly the same as of Tang Dynasty, if so, it would be so nice that I could drink and eat as I wish and didn’t need to worry about weight! Oh, my figure – it kept putting on weight even if drinking only cold water! Fortunately, I didn’t corpse-revive to a well-known ancient time. I didn’t study Chinese history well in preexistence and didn’t want to become a heroine to change history, either; I just wanted to live my life well and know my place.
  ‘Are you curious of how I knew you were awake?’ Beauty Yue wouldn’t know I had thought so much in a blink and guessed curiosity was the only reason for my quietness which I didn’t admit nor deny. She gave a winsome smile and continued, ‘Just now I heard your breath was un-even, not like when you were unconscious, so I knew you had waked already.’
  She could hear my breath? So that meant beauty Yue had Wushu skills? And her power of Wushu might probably be strong. Only those past masters of Wushu who possessed profound internal force could sense people hidden in the darkness by listening to their breath, described in martial arts novels.
  Gathering the information I collected by accident into mind, I looked at her calmly, without saying a word. A trace of surprise flashed in Yue’s eyes. She obviously didn’t expect an excessive calm expression of me once I waked. ‘You can’t speak, or don’t want to speak?’ She frowned and asked doubtfully.
  I smiled, watching her beautiful face, decided to deny her question by action and said, ‘I want to eat!’
© Copyright 2008 Andy (andrea2007 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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