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by Andy
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He pulled me out of the tub and threw me to the bed ...

  In cloudiness, I was held in two strong arms and almost chocked by the feeling of warmth. So comfortable, I closed my eyes and hugged back following my basic instinct like a kitty searching for food. A chuckle sounded at my ears and a voice said softly: ‘Honey, wake up, honey!’
  Where came those mosquitoes? I frowned and waved my hand, trying to break that annoying buzz, which thickened the sense of favorite smile. Next second, as if someone put a candy into my mouth while teasing my lips and tongue … So sweet … em … if only not so out-of-breath.
  I opened my eyes and a cute boy with long fresh blue hair popped into my eyes. He was sucking my lips with his dark eyes widely opened! I pushed him apart, ‘Ming Yan?’
  ‘Honey, you are awake!’ Ming Yan grinned broadly and gave me a big, big hug; his mouth tended to come on to me again. ‘Honey, you are so sweet! You missed me again so soon!’
  ‘How come you turned into such a damn appearance again?’ I stopped his face from falling on me. To be honest, I had taken great effort to resist his attraction. Seeing his little soft red lips, I licked mine and forced myself to think about the image of little baby that he grew up from and to restrain the desire of being lured by him.
  ‘I think honey like the present look of mine much.’ Ming Yan’s eyes blinked with a sense of banter. This kid surely had made out the deep-rooted bad nature of me.
  I felt embarrassed and gave a smirk. ‘What brings you here?’ I switched topic.
  ‘My honey called for me, I certainly flied over immediately.’ His shining beautiful eyes staring at me and sworn, ‘I’m the samurai of my honey!’
  I couldn’t conceal a snort of laughter – Ming Yan, you are such a lovely boy. ‘Fly over? I don’t think so, cause I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.’
  ‘I can’t come when you are awake, of course. I have to wait till you sleep.’ Ming Yan said regretfully.
  ‘Till I sleep?’ That was unexpected to me. I looked around. It wasn’t the room and the bath tub where I slept just now as expected, and there was dark thick fog as deep as sea in surroundings that I was familiar with. ‘You mean you can only appear in my dream?’ I asked carefully, trying to make sure of it.
  ‘Yeah.’ He nodded, ‘At present, at least!’
  How so? If Ming Yan could only come in my dream, I would fight against the coming trouble in vain. ‘Why?’ I kept asking un-resignedly.
  ‘Because I am still a spiritual being which can’t show up on earth, I can only appear in your dreams. I got to wait until I’m 300 years old could I possess a body by self-discipline, and I will be with the present look by then which honey liked most. Are you happy or not, honey?’ Cuttie’s face was shining with excitement, ‘Till then, I can show up before honey’s eyes at once whenever you call for me and don’t have to wait for your sleep.’
  However, my heart sunk as if someone had poured a basin of icy water down from my head. ‘Till then? When? Didn’t you say last time that you were 300 already?’
  Cuttie stuck out his little tongue, blushed. ‘Still have three months to go.’
  Three months? I was totally desperate hearing this bad news. So, that was to say no one could help me in the following 3 months. I lied down on the floor unpleasantly, moaning and groaning. I would be forced to please guests in 3 days and everything would be helpless after Ming Yan grew to 300 in 3 months.
  Seeing me unhappy, cuttie curled up beside me bearing a mysterious look. He smiled and asked, ‘Honey, are you worrying about pleasing guests in 3 days?’
  Eh? He knew it? I was surprised. This little devil looked at me, there was proud written on his face as if to say ‘nothing is beyond my expertise.’ This cheered me up greatly. I glared at him covetously and said, ‘You’ve got a plan?’
  Little devil smiled, ‘Don’t worry, honey, I assure you there won’t be fatal situations but alarming dangers only.’
  No fatal situation? Could it be that Ming Yan had arranged everything for me? Seeing his reassuring look, I felt relieved. I should have believed him, shouldn’t I? Or, who else could I trust in this strange world?
  Gratefully, I stamped a soft kiss on his cheek and said, ‘Thank you, Ming Yan.’
  A fire lit in his eyes. He pushed me down under him, smiled viciously. ‘You seemed kissed the wrong place, honey.’ He then pressed his lips toward mine. I stretched my hand and covered his mouth immediately. ‘Don’t … I have psychological barrier in this.’ I chuckled.
  Always, I couldn’t help thinking about his image of a small baby, which made any strong lusts turned into jokes. He looked as if he had understood the implication of my smile, with a humph, he scratched me exasperatedly. ‘Damn it! You evil woman!’
  ‘No, don’t … haha … alright, alright … Ming Yan …’ It was too itchy to endure and laugh also made me out of breath, so I asked for forgiveness, ‘Ming Yan …’
  There was a charming manner in my voice that I didn’t notice myself. Ming Yan’s eyes deepened. I suddenly realized that my feeling when facing Ming Yan had changed gradually without knowing when it started. Could it be said that I had borne a indescribable special feeling of Ming Yan? But, is it love? Or, just because he was the only one who had given me solicitude, happiness and trust in this strange, danger-permeating world, I involuntarily depended everything on him?
  I couldn’t make out, and I didn’t want to. There was a swarm of bees buzzing in my head. I accepted obediently his lips that were pressing on me again, letting that soft sweet feeling lash my brain and my sensitive nerves. I didn’t care if it was love or not. I had sensed vaguely that something had grown up between he and I – we could no longer go back to the relation when we were in the beginning …
  After a passionate kiss, I lowered my eyes and turned around. I dared not to face Ming Yan. My face was burning red having sensed those kinds of feelings. Ming Yan held me tightly from back of me thoughtfully and quietly. I could only hear our uneven breath echoed in this silent space. My heart was calmed down gradually under his reassuring breath. ‘Ming Yan …’ I whispered.
  ‘Eh?’ He responded lazily.
  ‘Why do I look exactly the same as Wei Lanxue?’ I blurted out the question that had deep-rooted in my mind for a long time. Except for the difference of figure, we looked just the same without the slightest error – even the sesame-shaped mole on the left breast were as like as two peas, which made me feel Wei Lanxue was Ye Haiwa who had slimmed down, while Ye Haiwa was Wei Lanxue who had put on weight.
  ‘How could you corpse-survive if you were not like her?’ Ming Yan smiled, ‘Since the body borrowed was similar as your original one in appearance, the magnetic fields of soul and body could be identical finally, so that we could ensure no objection reaction occurred after corpse-reviving.’
  So there were truly objection reactions for corpse-reviving! Realizing this, I was touched and turned to face him bearing smile on my lips, ‘So, someone said he sent me to the body of Wei Lanxue just to make me understand there was no man in this world better than him – what does it mean?’
  The languid expression on the cute youngster’s face stiffened as if he suddenly realized he had spoken something wrong. He lowered his eyes flurriedly and awkwardly, turned around and muttered, ‘You have listened wrong.’
  ‘Did I?’ The smile on my lips widened. Ming Yan turned his back against me with a ‘Humph’. I held him closely from behind, letting warmth filling my heart. Ming Yan made me survive as Wei Lanxue only because Wei’s body was the best one that suited my soul, and now I knew it wasn’t like what he said that he intended to make me suffer just to let me know he was the best man in this world. Such a little devil! I sighed and felt my chest was filled with something affecting. Sticking my face on his back, a drop of tear slipped from my eyes. ‘Thank you, Ming Yan!’
  ‘Don’t cry.’ Feeling the cloth on his back wet, he looked even more embarrassed, ‘I’m going.’
  ‘O.K.’I understood his present awkwardness and didn’t tried to persuade him to stay. Again, his figure became transparent gradually and into a deep blue flare finally. I smiled, watching his body disappeared while the darkness fell over surroundings shortly.
  I closed my eyes, covering gently the black jade on my neck, smiling. Ming Yan, I would fear no more because I knew you would be there to protect me whenever I needed you, thus I dare to face the future bravely because of you, no matter how hard it would be, I wouldn’t be afraid of.
  There were eyes peeping at me in the darkness. I could feel they were filled with complicated rolling billow while the scary icy danger started covering me like a strong net bearing tremendous pressure. I suddenly opened my eyes. The dark fog retreated rapidly like falling tide – warm-colored curtain, dressing table, silk screen, bath tub … all were whirling and bumping my visual sense and finally homed to their own place. I still was in bath tub, water was cold already and I sobered up.
  I quietly watched the man who was standing still in front of the tub observing me. Facing his dark eyes that I could feel them staring on me even in my dreams, there was something in his eyes that was too much for me to read.
  Chu Yang! What did he want by creeping into my room at night?
  He observed me silently, seeing the quietness in my eyes, his eyes became more unfathomable. I faced him unyieldingly. I wasn’t the girl who followed ‘Women’s three obedience and four virtues’ which was issued to limit female’s social status in feudal China. Observing me? Humph! It was uncertain who should be observed, thinking that I was always the last one to give up whenever competing against those boys on staring each other when I was in school.
  As expected, he looked a bit awkward at my bold eyes and observed me no more. He turned to look at my body. I knew I still was soaked in the tub, naked, sank my body down slowly while maintaining my composure, letting the part under my neck hiding in water. It was so cold! I shivered. How long had I slept?
  Seeing the action, he smiled. ‘Is it necessary to hide? There’s no where of you I haven’t seen and touched.’
  I didn’t respond, looked at him carelessly. Things were now different from what they were yesterday and present situation couldn’t be mentioned in the same breath with the last time! He seemed was enraged by the indifference of mine. He stretched out his hand suddenly and pulled me out with little care of the water-splashing tub and the water-dripping clothes on me. I was pulled toward his body, hearing him threatened viciously, ‘Take back that kind of eyes, otherwise …’
  Otherwise? So what? Another rape at most! You needed me alive in order to humiliate me. Without danger of death, what else could care me? You thought I would seek death once lost virginity like other women in this world? You were kidding? Such a threat wouldn’t work on me!
  Chu Yang was boiling with rage by the sneer on my face. He pulled me out of the tub and threw me to the bed. Hardly could I manage to sit up, he pushed me down and lied on me, pulling high my hands that were trying to stop him and confined by one hand. It would be the most unwise action to compete with a man for muscle strength, let alone such a special man like him. I gave up struggle and raised my head to look at him coldly. ‘Is rape the only method for you to revenge on a woman?’ I said.
  ‘Rape?’ He chuckled with fires of lust lit in his eyes, ‘No, I’ll make you perfectly happy to please me.’
  Letting a woman yield to her sexual passion and imprisoned by her enemy would truly deepen the shamefulness in her heart than rape her. Chu Yang, how hard was your heart? And how cruel? His another hand covered my limp breast, fondling and teasing with it skillfully. I got to stop him before my body started to react! I forced myself to neglect his hand and smiled icily, ‘So what? I never felt ashamed of the normal desire of my body. If I were you …’
  I intended to stop the other half of the sentence while seeing his hand paused and turned to watch into my eyes. ‘What if you were me?’
  ‘If I were you, I would make this woman fall into me and cut off her love myself. Don’t you think to destroy a person’s soul can be more joyful than to humiliate her body?’ I looked at him, smiled, yet my voice was cold as ice.
  ‘Wei Lanxue, your fascination is beyond my imagination.’ The lust in his eyes receded. ‘You think, I will certainly fall in love with you and be destroyed by you?’
  ‘Maybe it’ll be me who fall in love with you and be destroyed by you.’ I smiled, relaxed a little, ‘Isn’t this game interesting?’
  ‘Sure enough.’ He sat up, gave me a glare, ‘I heard you tried to make Yue Niang agree to your request of sale skills only?’
  ‘You should have known she didn’t agree!’ I said without any facial expression. Yue Niang was surely a loyal subordinate and must had confined everything to him.
  ‘It’s good of you to aware of it.’ He humped, ‘don’t ever think about you can make me to take back my decision by that interesting suggestion. You can’t escape from the fate of body-sale.’
  This man was terrible. He figured out the other purpose that I was trying to hide. However, this showed exactly how cold-blooded he was – he wanted my soul perish as well as my body. ‘It’s alright, merely adding a degree of difficulty to the process of letting me fall in love with you.’ I smiled and said indifferently.
  Chu Yang stared at me without even a blink. ‘I’m never afraid of challenge, Wei Lanxue.’
  He got out of bed, gave a flick to the water stains on the front of his robe. ‘The day when you are in love with me, you will find it better dead than alive.’ He said clearly, word for word.
  I would not love you!
  Seeing him striding out of the room, out of the sight, I laughed coldly in heart. Better dead than alive? How could you judge the one who perish in the end couldn’t be you?
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